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¡Santiago y wank, España!

¡Santiago y wank, España! is a timeline created by Milarqui on August 6th 2014. It is a part of's Timelines/The Strangerverse, as a spin-off of Big Tex's timeline The United States of Ameriwank.

You can find the timeline here.


It is March 10th 1480. Peace has been made between the two sides of the War of Castillian Succession, which started after King Enrique IV's death and the almost simultaneous proclamation of Isabel (Enrique's half-sister) and Juana (supposedly Enrique's daughter, rumored to be a bastard) as Queen of Castile and Leon. In the end, victory has fallen to Isabel and her supporters, including her husband Fernando, King of Aragon.

That night, before they go to sleep, they are visited by a stranger that claims to come from the future, who bears bad news: in the year 2258, a war will consume the planet, killing most of humanity and rendering the rest for complete extinction. The only way to prevent this war from taking place, he claimes, is to unite the whole world under one flag, that of Spain. To carry out this task, the stranger gives Isabel and Fernando several tools: several rings that can sway people to their side of an argument, a plate capable of replicating all elements known to man, a computer with a constantly updated historical database and several technical data of importance, a set of medallions that allow people to communicate between them, and a teleporter that allows one person to travel anywhere in the world.

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