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A Spanish board member who joined the board in October 2007.


He is the author of the following timelines:

- Operation Nevsky: a failed attempt at working out how the Soviet Union invading Germany in the year 1940 could have changed the world. It never went past mid-1941, although Milarqui had plans for later.

- The Legacy of the Glorious: Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen is proclaimed King of Spain in 1870. This leads France to declare war on Prussia and Spain, which the former lose, and allow Spain to once more take the path towards greatness.

- America's Stepbrother, America's Enemy: the United States of America are transported in time and dimension from December 2012 (a month after voting for Obama for the second time) to December 1983… in a world beset by an Eternal War between three tyrannical super-states (the ones from George Orwell's 1984). The USA will have to fight like never to survive this war and free the rest of the world.

- Patroni in Winterfell: Harry Potter, his wife and his best friends appear near Greywater Watch, in the Neck (from A Song of Ice and Fire), having been sent there by Death to prevent the early death of the members of the Stark family.

- ¡Santiago y wank, España!: the Stranger visits Isabel of Castile and Fernando of Aragon after their victory in the War of Castillian Succession and brings them the items they need to prevent a war from destroying the planet.

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