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Points of Divergence : Antarctica

Points of divergence concerning the continent of Antarctica.

Exploration of the continent and its outlying archipelagos

Settlement of the continent and its outlying archipelagos

ASB / Geological PODs

Ice-free Antarctica

The effects of a more northernly Antarctica ?

ASB WI: The ASBs move Antarctica into the middle of the Pacific Ocean

The Rise of Gondwana - Discussion about a geological POD in which Australia and Antarctica remain fused together as a single continent. Started by Danbensen, who has been working on such a project in his free time, outside of the board.

Another POD discussion about Australia and Antarctica staying fused together as the last remnant of Gondwana

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

See Also


Antarctic Timelines and Scenarios

Useful Resources about Antarctica

Green Antarctica - DValdron's TL is ASB and isn't meant to be taken completely seriously, but its early chapters envisions an accidental settlement of a not-fully-glaciated Antarctica (see below) by small groups of prehistoric Australian natives accidentally lost at sea after major flooding in southeast Australia.

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