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A massive country in Southeast Asia, bordering Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

Alternate history and future history clichés involving this country

Indonesia is unfortunately subject to a number of prejudices and cliches:

- Indonesia is permanently on the verge of civil war and is going to break up anytime now (in which any proofs supporting that this could happen without any extensive “assistance” by an outside party as strong as today US still has not emerged until today). In many future histories and maps, the country suffers the fate of getting partioned by surrounding powers.

- As everyone knows, Indonesia is also the founding place of the Boat People Caliphate, a future Islamic superstate that rules over all of Southeast Asia, Australia, as well as all of the Earth's oceans via its massive pirate fleets. LOL (this cliche was proudly brought by PaleHorseRiding. Until today it still hasn't been discovered what caused him surfaced with this idea back then, but according to Ridwan Asher it certainly wasn't caused by Adam's weeds(lol wut?)).

- Almost all AHs written by Australians feature both the above and also a war between Australia and Indonesia at some point.


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