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Worldwide distribution of AH.commers

This map shows the countries that all current and past AH.commers come from. The countries are highlighted based on whether they have or had any active AH.commers who were born there.

regular green - country which has currently active AH.commers that were born there
dark green - country which has currently active AH.commers, but only ones that weren't born there
light green - country which formerly had active AH.commers that were born there, but currently has no known active AH.commers
purple - autonomous overseas territories without known AH.commers

Worldwide distribution of AH.commers (as of the 21st of July 2020)

Feel free to correct this if you find any missing countries. It's a slightly older map, so it doesn't have South Sudan designated as an independent country yet (however, it doesn't matter for now, since we're not sure where exactly our only Sudanese board member was born).

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