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How To Make Your Own Profile

Follow all these steps completely and in order.

1. Contact the Department of Records, Wiki Affairs Division, ATTN:Roberto with a memo requesting an AH Form 207 (Wiki Article Request Form)

2. Fill the AH 207 out completely and correctly in black ink (except for section 14a which must be filled out in #2 pencil) and mail it to the Department of Records, Membership Division. Make sure you fill out the AH 207 correctly or you may experience delays!

3. The Membership Division will generate your complete AH Form 43-09 (Member Wiki Article Initiation) in 7-14 business days. The form is available for pickup at the Department of Records main office from 0900-1100 and 1300-1530 Monday through Thursday (except for the second and fourth Wednesday of each month).

4. Complete an AH form 65 (Record of Notable Posts) for each post you would like to be considered when creating your wiki article. Remember, if the post was made by another user or quotes another user, you must also attach an AH Form 321 (Waiver of Individual Post Rights), which can be obtained from the Legal Department (view their website for more details).

5. Attach all AH Form 65 and the original copy of your AH Form 207 to your AH form 65 along with copies of at least two forms of photo identification. You must also include a memorandum from a member with a registration date prior to July 17, 2007. Submit it to the Wiki Affairs division along with an AH Form 447 (Member Wiki Article Statement of Understanding). Please make sure your contact information is up to date, as the Wiki Affairs Division will contact you when your packet has been approved . Currently there is an approximately 8 month backlog for approval of packets.

6. When your packet has been approved, you will be notified via mail of your appointment date for initial interview. Please be advised that any change of your appointment date must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. If you miss your interview, you will have to start the process over again.

7. THIS APPLIES TO BANNED MEMBERS ONLY: Please bring to your interview at least three letters of recommendation from current members in good standing. You will be asked at the time of the interview to fill out an AH. Form 708 (Banned User Wiki Assistance Request Form) for each of these members., which will be sent to them by Wiki Affairs division

8. Your interviewer will generate a Form 654 (Member Wiki Article Interview Record) which will be filed with the Department of Records, Personnel Service Branch as well as the Wiki Affairs Division, Member Article section. If any information in the Form 654 contradicts any information in your packet or on your Permanet Record at PSB, you will have to fill out a AH Form 291 (Record Discrepancy Correction Form) and send it to PSB along with all required supporting documentation.

9. At this time you can contact the Department of Technical Affairs and request a AH Form 231 (Wiki Access Request Form). When this form is complete, it must be mailed to the relevant department, whichever one it may be.

10. A draft of your Wiki article will be available for viewing on the User Portal when it is complete. To approve the article as written, all that is required is the completion of an AH Form 98 (Wiki Article Approval Form). The article will be posted on the wiki in the order which it was recieved. Currently all new wiki articles are on hold due to the expected DokuWiki upgrade in FY 2012.

11. To make any changes to the draft as shown, contact the Department of Records, Wiki Affairs Division, ATTN:Jasen777 for more information.

12. Duplicate wiki requests will be processed separately, in accordance with AH Regulation 107-224 (Wiki Registration Procedures). To cancel a duplicate one and proceed with a Wiki article request normally please request and fill out an AH Form 604-E (Wiki Article Cancellation Procedure) and send it in by regular mail to the Wiki Standards Bureau.

13. Please ignore all information below this line.

OK, now seriously :

First, navigate to the alphabetical member list. We assume you want to try creating your own user name. So, if it starts with the letter T, look under T and hit the edit button. Look for the correct alphabetical position for your user name. Make a new line for it with the press of the Enter key. The “star” denoting the feature of a “list of names” in each line of the source code should appear automatically. Now, copy someone's name along with the brackets to the new, empty line. Then rewrite everything between “offtopic:” and the ending brackets to your user name. Save. Now scroll down the list, look for your name. If you've added it correctly to the list, it should be on the list now (under T). But it's still red. Click on the red link, a new page should appear. Hit “Edit” on the new page and start writing your profile, then save. It's best to give the page a title which uses the template of ====== as brackets for the name of the user. So, for example :

This will allow everyone to easily identify your page. The rest of the writing and formatting is up to you, but you can learn a lot by reading other pages and copying or imitating their source code (e. g. writing "//" as brackets around the word "text" will give you the word //text// in italics; writing "**" text** as brackets around the word "text" will give you the word **text** in bold; ===title=== with "===" for brackets is a smaller title/heading than ====title==== with "====" for brackets, etc.).

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