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Fucked Up Trio

The Fucked Up Trio is a group founded by Aristocracy, Sa'id Muhammed and TheUnmentionableSeaMammal on October 28th, 2010. The group was created in the hope of uniting the board's sick fucks under a single banner. Some of the Fucked Up Trio's defining characteristics involve monkey urine, Nazi gang rape and immature comments; however, after pressure from some of the older site members, the Trio agreed to tone down their sickfuckery. This lead to TheUnmentionableSeaMammal leaving the group to concentrate on his Civil War timeline, promising to return one day.

Current Members

Mission Objective

The aim of the Fucked Up Trio (also known as the Sick Fucks or FUT) is to raise awareness of the daily plight of its messed-up members. Donations are also accepted.


“This thread needs more off-topic Nazi walrus rape.” - Aristocracy

“There's Monkey Piss Involved? Is Sa'id also part of your little fucked up nightmare trio?” - NothingNow

“That is literally the entire point of this organization: to be ironically crude and childish.” - TheUnmentionableSeaMammal

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