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The Wars of Social Thread Succession

The Mods hath decreed that after every 500 pages a new Social Thread is to be created. Unfortunately sometimes more then one are…

The First War of Social Thread Succession

On The day the 25th of February in the year of our lord 2014 the Empress Turquoise Blue's Social Thread I passed away by TDM's Lockhammer. Soon two contenders for the throne rise up. The Second Turquoise Blue's Social Thread, championed by Stolengood and Turquoise Blue's Social Thread Mk 2, championed by metastasis_d. The war ended the same day it began after The Second Turquoise Blue's Social Thread was locked by a mod in an event of divine intervention. Then Turquoise Blue's Social Thread Mk2 then took on the regal name Boudica's Social Thread.

The Second War of Social Thread Succession

In July 2014 Boudica's Social Thread was locked by CalBear. However before this Petike formed Valena's Social Thread as a successor. But then CalBear, apparently not knowing this, started Boudica's Social Thread the Second. This triggered another succession crisis, but it appears the Valenists have the upper hand.

Unfortunately, this probobly means there will be a war of succession for every Social Thread now.

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