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Decisive Darkness

A WWII timeline centered on developments in the Pacific Theater, particularly Japan. Started in November 2013 by The Red. You can find it here.

Not to be confused with Decades of Darkness, al older and unrelated timeline by Jared.

A book version of the timeline, Majestic, representing the first volume of the story, was published in 2015 by Sea Lion Press. A sequel (the second volume), titled Coronet, was published in October 2016.

Premise and POD

The question in the subtitle of the timeline says it all:

What if Japan hadn't surrendered in 1945 ?

The timeline explores the ramifications of such a darker end to WWII.


An award-winning timeline, Decisive Darkness had won the "Best Pre-1960 Timeline" category at the 2016 Turtledove Awards.

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