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American board member who joined in November 2013.

He was highly knowledgeable about US military and economic history, particularly that of the 19th century. This was also reflected in the historical and POD discussions he took part in, and the timelines and other projects he wrote and focused on.

Unfortunately, despite being very knowledgeable on a lot of these topics, TFSmith121 also had something of a kneejerk streak relating to them. He was consistently angered by even hypothetical suggestions of the CSA having any sort of gains in the American Civil War compared to OTL, and had a tendency to barge into any ACW POD discussions and attack people who went for any other scenario than the Union winning thoroughly. One of his worst excesses in this regard was labelling everyone who even remotely disagreed with him as a neoconfederate, a neonazi, etc. Due to this sort of behaviour, he was often getting kicked. Some people have noted that he also had a very pro-American view of history (treating the rise of the US as an absolute inevitability) while dismissing the capabilities of many other powers or nations (in the UK's case, he skirted the line of being an anglophobe).

He was banned by CalBear in early June 2016 for the repeated offence of insulting others in discussions on divergences that he personally considered implausible and behaving like a jerk when others tread on his hobby horse topics.


Burnished Rows of Steel : A History of the Great War - A 19th century timeline, for which TFSmith121 won a Turtledove Award in 2015.

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