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Random Unicorn

A banned weirdo from the early days of the New Board.

He was banned by Ian in August 2004 in a thread where he advocated a thinly-veiled conspiracy theory about the nuclear bombings of Japan in WWII and the Axis' supposed ownership of WMDs. (Tellingly, the title of the thread was “The Truth on Hiroshima as a Military Target”.) Random Unicorn had a bit of a fetish for labelling the opinions of his critics with comebacks such as “ludicrous” and “blatantly false”.

In an interesting twist of events, he was originally only kicked, but then posted a personal message to the admin, threatening him with legal action over a supposed “libel” connected to his kicking. Ian updated the kick to a ban.

Whether Random Unicorn's fixation on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had anything to do with Eleven11 several years later, and his claims that nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons are a hoax, we'll never know…

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