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Three PNGs for the Mod-kings under the sky,
Seven for the ASB-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal AH.commers doomed to die,
One for the Bee Lady on her wax throne
In the Land of Glîdor where the Nectars lie.
One PNG to rule them all, One PNG to find them,
One PNG to bring them all and in the beehives bind them
In the Land of Glîdor where the Nectars lie.

The Gif-King of Apismar - Gray Antarctica

The Second Picturewraith - Zmflavius

The Third Picturewraith - Coyote Knight

The Fourth Picturewraith - The Time Ranger

The Fifth Picturewraith - BBadolato

The Sixth Picturewraith - Dumanios

The Seventh Picturewraith - Usili

The Eighth Picturewraith - John Fredrick Parker

The Ninth Picturewraith - nlspeed

Picture Gollum - King of the Uzbeks My Precious Bee

Ozymanbadil, King of Kings - Tsar Gringo

Bee Lady - Turquoise Blue

Mouth of Watson - Dirk Pitt

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