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Capital of Canada.

Doctor What lives here as a civil servant, depending on if any other details about his “new” job is provided. Due to the pics offered by the said poster, it is filled with snow in the winter time, and currently administered by the Conservative Party, who should not be confused with the US Republican Party.

mmmeee0 has moved there as well, though he frequently gets lost and finds himself seething in rage at some random government building.

Ottawa is named for a native tribe, but Landshark still insists that it is derived from the word 'otter' and that the otter is the city's symbolic animal (as opposed to the beaver, which one would think it more appropriate for a city that is both Canadian and has Doctor What living there).

It is also home to one of the best Parliament buildings in the world, a Changing of the Guard ceremony which is basically royal guardsmen showing off their ability to withstand ridiculous summer heat whilst wearing Napoleonic winter-war clothing, and the Hotel Chateau Laurier, which does a lovely chocolate-dipped strawberry.

Sometimes known as the City That Fun Forgot.

It was recently uncovered that zillions of Canadian members now live there, and they've even held a meetup (facilitated by everyone crowding around Doc What as he's the only recognisable one).

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