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American board member from Arizona who takes an interest in American politics of almost any era. Also a notable member of the The Politiyanks and regularly follows a variety of local and state elections across the country when there isn't a Presidential race to talk about. Leans to the left and is a Democrat, but is more then willing to toss aside partisan affiliation for success. Has mixed feelings on his state's Senior Senator John McCain (R-AZ), ranging from grudging respect to seething hatred. Self-proclaimed enemy of Barry Goldwater, influential American conservative and most famous Senator from Arizona.

Will defend his state from all outsiders, whether they be water-stealing Californians or Ivory Tower Yankees.

Timelines and other works

  • TLIAW (II): A Rigged Deck, for a Rigged System: Based off of the various shuffle themed lists, a history of the United States (1797 to 2015) with the various winners and losers of each Presidential election altered in their roles.


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