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Kaiser Umberto

Joined in early September 2017. He was mostly active in the Shared Worlds Forum.

Not to be confused with the late board member Kaiser K or with any other members named Kaiser (save for perhaps Kaiserin Rivka, a banned member known for sockpuppets).

Banned by CalBear in September 2017, for repeatedly creating sockpuppets to support his posts in SW games or circumvent a kick from the site after he was found out making sockpuppets. Yes, not even to circumvent a kick (he initially had none), but to have supportive socks just because of an SW game. Yikes.

Even after his banning, Kaiser Umberto kept making new sockpuppets throughout the autumn of 2017, every single one of them getting banned. He didn't even put much effort into his return-to-SW-at-all-costs effort, his sockpuppets always revisiting the same few threads he used to frequent or the ones he started.

Some of his sockpuppets include BrightEmber, Umberto I., QuietLyrabonFan, John Matthew, and no doubt plenty of others.

One of the more amusing anecdotes about his dogged efforts is that he tried to mask one of his sockpuppets (QuietLyrabonFan) by pretending the sock account has… a stutter. Yes, really. A written stutter. Ungh. Also, something to do with “being a shy person who doesn't understand how SW works, what is this kick or ban, is it a bad thing”, etc. A real thigh-slapping riot.

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