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Guardian Angels


A society accidentally formed by TheDarkServant when he suggested to Krall that he should become a Guardian Angel like himself, as he believed women needed protected since they were “so pretty and delicate, they might get hurt! We must keep them safe!” surprisingly Krall thought this was a good idea and a few other members clamoured to join up. Ironically this all started up in the Pictures of Gorgeous Women thread.

The Motto of the Society is “Saving the world one lady at a time” though maybe something Latin would be better. The idea may seem chauvinistic that ladies in fact need saving, but we have everyones best interest in heart and try not to be too creepy (well, the majority of members anyway).

The Society has a strict code of behaviour, which includes being generally very nice people, willing to interceed if they see anyone troubled (especially women and the one they have been assigned to). Honesty, Sincerity and respect for all are highly appreciated traits of the Angels, though we do have members from all aspects of society, so we won't judge you too much, especially as TheDarkServant is seen mainly as someone who subverts these ideals as often as possible, however wrong that impression may or may not be…

We have a home-base in Domtopia, a small Kingdom belonging to Archangel TheDarkServant and a permanent alliance with the Honourable Gentlemen society.


Founder & Archangel of the Society: TheDarkServant




This from the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher - I find it kind of fitting for this group.

“I think that men ought to treat women like something other than just shorter, weaker men with breasts. Try and convict me if I'm a bad person for thinking so. I enjoy treating a woman like a lady, opening doors for her, paying for shared meals, giving flowers—all that sort of thing”

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