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Tolkienist Cabal

An informal grouping on the board. They're noted for their fine command of Silmarillion minutae, as one would expect.

List of's Tolkien experts

Among others, it includes :

Outside of the board, Jason and Corsair_Caruso are members of the actual Tolkien Society.

Thande once read the entire The History of Middle-earth non-fiction series all in one go, and spent the next three weeks being unable to speak anything other than Sindarin.

More recently, the Cabal has been bolstered by mowque, who, after a similar feat to Thande's, started affixing a relevant Tolkien quote to virtually every post and PM he made. Morwen Edhelwen is another recent major Tolkienist on the board, though she also has an interest in general real world mythology and Caribbean history. Valena is another more recent Tolkienist who joined the board. Corsair_Caruso started the Tolkien General Discussion Thread. Tolkien Discussions

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