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Boldly Going: A History of an American Space Station

Alternate spaceflight timeline set in the late late 20th century, with a POD in 1981/2

Created by e of pi and TimothyC, you can read it here.

Premise and POD

American Intelligence services make errors in analyzing Soviet space planning, and over-estimate the size and capabilities of MIR


2021 Turtledove Nominee


List of Chapters - A list of links to all canon posts from the timeline.

List of Key Dates - A chronological list of key events and developments.

Mission List - Work in progress, a listing of major manned and unmanned missions covered in the timeline.

Media - A home for images related to the timeline. Artwork for this timeline was produced by Nixonshead, noorangepeel, DylanSemrau, and Discosledge

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