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A small English village where all members banished from are imprisoned. Some manage to escape, either fleeing to other forums or returning to in a futile attempt to exact revenge. Those banished from Coventry suffer an even worse fate: Cast into the swirling vortex of the Underboard.

It is unclear when the existence of the AH.comese penal colony at Coventry was made public, but it is believed to have been first referenced by CalBear shortly after his promotion to Moderator.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, The Coventry Zone is a rather gloomy pocket dimension housing a replica of the eponymous British town. The zone was created by The Hub to serve as a sort of penal dimension, housing people banned from The Hub or various baddies from around the multiverse. This pocket universe is outside of normal timelines, including the Hub Timeline itself, and is therefore hard to access without a great degree of technological trickery. A minority inhabiting the haunting landscape of the Coventry Zone are The Repentant, a small makeshift faction of people trying to repent for their past mistakes and wrongdoings and earn the respect of The Hub again. For this purpose, there is a transmitter installed in the dimension's replica of a ruined WWII era Coventry Cathedral - once the Repentant are proven to be prepared to leave, they can send The Hub a signal to bring them back. The Coventry Zone was first introduced in the fourth episode of the show's first season, titled simply “COVENTRY”.

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