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Complete Works of RCTFI

An index of links to all the works of RCTFI.

ASB Fiction

Dystopic Return of Magic - An ASB timeline dealing with evil man-eating elves from the worst medieval stories of the Fey.

Nazi Stargate - A Stargate story set in an AH in which the Nazis won WWII. (Original discussion thread; Revised story thread)

Science Fiction

The Great Raid - A science fiction story dealing with the invasion of A World Very Much Like Our Own by hordes of barbarians with plasma rifles and all sorts of other high-tech toys.

Editor's Regret

Pure AH Fiction

A Time of Empire - An adventure story set in a world where the Ottoman Empire did very well.

A Time of War - The sequel to the above story.

Other fiction (mainly short stories)

A Father's Regrets (entry for the War on Terror Worst Case Scenario writing competition)


Something random

Unnamed story

Humanitarian Intervention

Awards won by RCTFI

At the 2008 Turtledove Awards, RCTFI won two Turtledoves for - one for Dystopic Return of Magic and one for Nazi Stargate.

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