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County of England. Home to Cambridge, and not much else. Its natives, rarely heard due to being drowned out by academics and tourists, are culturally similar to the people of Essex. Except the high ground south and west of Cambridge the county used to be a swamp/marsh before Cornelius Vermuyden drained it. The south west of Cambridgeshire used to be the county of Huntingdonshire. Central Cambridgeshire is known as the Isle of Ely. All of this area, but the mound that Ely is built upon, used to be undrained fen.

Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon, Educated in Huntingdon, then Cambridge, collected tithes in the Isle of Ely and sat as MP for Huntingdon and later for Cambridge

In culture

In the Peerages, Geordie87 is Earl of Cambridge.


  • perfectgeneral - Born in Cambridge.
  • Alberto Knox - A long-time resident of Southern Cambridgeshire (though originally from London).
  • Thande - He has lived there for some years on account of that's where the chemistry lab is (and it is a sad commentary on the state of British science that there is only one chemistry lab for the entire country). He steadfastly refuses to go native.
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