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Formerly the Kingdom of the East Saxons, Essex is the southernmost part of East Anglia in England, south of Norfolk and Suffolk. Its modern reputation is as a home of thuggish men and slutty girls in white stilettos who talk with a truly ghastly accent. Rather appropriately, its flag consists of three knives on a blood-red field.

The County can be split into 3 main reigons. Metropolitan Essex (the part that is closest to London and likes to pretend it isnt in Essex), The Estuary and Rural Essex (i.e the rest). These are known to the Locals as “The Good , the Bad , and the Ugly”. The Unoficial capital of Essex is Southend on Sea, which also hosts the world's largest collection of scum and Villany.

In culture

In the Peerages, VulcanTrekkie45 is Earl of Essex (wrong Essex, love from VT45). Burton K Wheeler is Jarl of Essex, which is a completely different and unrelated title.


  • Sir Scott - Is from Essex, though he wishes he wasnt.
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