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CaliBoy 1990

American board member from… nope, not California… from east Texas (or more specifically, D/FW, though that's more *north* Texas).

Is generally a nice guy who tries to get along with most people, but honestly can't stand extremists(left or right), and isn't exactly fond of super-edgy uber-hipsters, either.


Currently writing the TL The Rise of the United States, which has an early 19th century POD.

Also working on A Nation, Divided, and For Want of a Nail, Revisited, a re-interpretation of the classic Sobel novel, and would ultimately like to match, or even surpass, “For All Nails” in scale & depth.

Currently suffers from a major case of writer's block.

Also is a BIG TIME For All Nails/For Want of A Nail aficionado….and now a major Red Dawn fan as well.


Also has a dedicated site where he hosts TLs & other stuff he writes, not just stuff he posts on, but other TLs as well. It also functions as a general hangout spot where folks can chat, joke, and just have a plain old good time.

* Steve's AH Place

And as for the “Steve's Original AH Works” section, anyone can stop by in this particular section and leave a general comment, or offer help, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc., without having to sign up or anything(there's also a “shoutbox” that guests and registered users can access). Steve welcomes all. =)

* Steve's Original AH Works

Also, any comments about the site from visitors can be directed to Steve either thru his Personal Message inbox, or his e-mail(ask him for it, and he'll give it to you).

Personal Bio

I've also become a bit of a genealogy nerd as of late, and have uncovered quite a few interesting family names & connections(a few of which, btw, have been used for Glen's excellent D.S.A. timeline. Thanks Glen!)

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