WI/AHC: Egyptian Renaissance/Egyptian Dynasty uses "Pharaoh" after Conquests

Who would be most likely reuse such an Ancient Title of Pharaoh?

  • Native Coptic Dynasty who overthrown their Arab rulers, and uses it to be more distinctive?

    Votes: 32 69.6%
  • Arab or Turkic Warlord who decides that this ancient title seemed fancier and grander?

    Votes: 4 8.7%
  • European Crusader State, uses the ancient Biblical title to appear as grand as Alexander the Great?

    Votes: 9 19.6%
  • A Mongol / Timurid Warlord who thinks the ancient title is fancier and grander?

    Votes: 4 8.7%
  • Egyptian Separatists, who uses "Pharaoh/Fir'aun", as a form of nationalistic title?

    Votes: 15 32.6%
  • Some later European conquest that end up taking over Egypt and style themselves as Pharaoh?

    Votes: 3 6.5%
  • Modern Egyptian Nationalists used Pharaoh instead of King?

    Votes: 14 30.4%
  • Ancient Persian Dynasty that reuses the title, and later converts to Christianity or Islam

    Votes: 5 10.9%
  • Christian Nubian Dynasty invades from the South, and reuses the ancient title

    Votes: 12 26.1%
  • Egyptian Paganists that somehow gets into power

    Votes: 16 34.8%

  • Total voters
Before you ask, yes, this idea was based off this thread.

The what if/challenge is what if Egyptian Dynasty after the Conquests (Either Arab, Coptic, Persian, Turkic, even Nubian or European, Etc) decide to reuse the title of adopting "Pharaoh/Fir'aun" as their Royal Title, and to reinterpreted the title not as being the "Son of the Gods", but for a distinctive title of a Grand and Ancient Past (Like how the Persians used Shah), that becomes a title of "defender of the Faith (Either Christian, Islamic, even Egyptian Kemetism). The POD is after 700AD, but if a earlier POD is required, then it shall be, and the end POD can be up to the present, so 700AD - Present.

Another effect of the Ruler using "Pharaoh/Fir'aun" is an "Egyptian Renaissance", which the Pharaoh builds himself a Cult of Personality, that promotes a reinterpretation of Ancient Egyptian Culture, like building new Ancient Egyptian-Style Monuments, Ancient-Egyptian art, and neo-Egyptian Clothing, like wigs.

Also, one thing is not required, is having the title used as a short-period. It can be used to the present day or have the Neo-Pharaoh Egyptian Dynasty be short-lived
Well, IOTL they kept on doing so after the Assyrian, Persian and Greek conquests.
It's largely a matter of having a native ruling class in charge instead of a foreign-sourced one.
I think a Coptic state separating from the ERE would use that title, for instance.
The Coptic word for king is a direct descendent of the word "pharaoh" so it would more be a matter of convincing others to refer to the king of Egypt as the pharaoh. Like "Shah", I think it's likely to happen if there's an equivalent to the Iranian Intermezzo in Islamic Egypt which would mean a native Egyptian embrace of Islam without the assimilation into Arab culture. I think any equivalent of nationalism existing in the modern age of this world would almost certainly mean the king of Egypt would insist on being termed a Pharaoh as a matter of prestige.