1. Antonio Ferrari

    Our Cold War: An Alternate History Interactive Cold War

    No one believed that the German empire could rise after the Great War, having barely managed to hold in the West, and basically failing to hold anything east other than Poland. Their ally, Austria-Hungary, risked to collapse from ethnic conflicts, and had to cede vast territories to Serbia and...
  2. Post 1800 Nationalist ideologies in the Fertile Crescent and Levant?

    Suppose the Ottoman Empire meet its end earlier, could something other than pan-Arabism emerge as the dominant nationalist current in the Levant and FertileCrescent, like Phoenicianism in Lebanon?
  3. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Why Didnt "Nationalism" Take Off?

    So I was digging around some weird ideologies for my timeline, and I found this one called "nationalism," basically the gist of it is that people who are linguistically, culturally, and ethnically similar should unite under their own state. Like, a german empire other than the HRE or a slavic...
  4. How would European/ World history look if the Risorgimento had never happened(What if Italy never Unified)

    How would European/ World history look if the Risorgimento had never happened(What if Italy never Unified) . How would everything from the cultures to politics on the Italian peninsula play out?
  5. KingOnTheEdge

    Where Would A Scandinavian Capital Be?

    Logically speaking, where would a scandinavia with these borders be? I don't really have a PoD for this since it needs to be before the GNW for the Baltic territory, but not too far back to butterfly pan nationalism, but I feel like there are 3 real options: Stockholm, as sweden was the...
  6. AHC: Make more countries have people who proclaim UFO-based mythical pasts among their Nationalists

    Some time ago I've read that many Western Nationalists have pretty dour and non-Esoteric views regarding their pasts, but there is a widespread view among Hungarian Nationalists, that Hungarians are so different from other people on Earth, because ultimately they are not Humans, or at least not...
  7. OxSpace

    AHC: Iberia in the Age of Nationalism

    Hey, I've been searching around the sub but couldn't find anything regarding Iberia during the long nineteenth century regarding Iberian nationalism and what seeds would need to be planted for such a unification to be possible. There was a small movement calling for such unity, but it was just...
  8. Atterdag

    Interesting subjects to explore in a Napoleonic victory scenario

    I'm thinking of writing a timeline based around a napoleonic victory (original I know) and I'm thinking of interesting historical events to explore in such a timeline. As a WIP it's based on a France-wank, i.e success in Russia & Spain, as well as naval succes in the Mediterranean atleast, but...
  9. El_Presidente

    No American or French Revolutions: what happens with nationalism and the HRE?

    So, both the American Revolution and the French Revolution fail through a mixture of luck on the counterrevolutionary side and compromise; the British colonies in America get representation and, eventually, autonomy, and the French monarchy ends up reforming into a "constitutional" monarchy...
  10. GauchoBadger

    AHQ: What distinguishes Slovenes from Croats?

    A question to this board’s balkanophiles... what exactly is the difference between Slovenes and Croats as distinct peoples? They seem to have similar ethno-cultural characteristics to me, when put in comparison. How and why exactly did Slovenia develop a particular identity as a South Slavic...
  11. damein fisher

    The Greatest Game in the World - A Mildly Different 1848
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    March 1847 "Workingmen of all countries unite!” It was those simple words etched onto paper that sent Europe into revolt. While some historians argue that the social unrest and liberal desires in Europe were building since the ages of Napoleon, it is hard to argue that the release of Karl...
  12. Eparkhos

    Run Through the Šar-Plannina: A Springtime of the Vardar Basin Timeline

    After making so many jokes about Vardar Insurgents in other threads, I'm actually going to make a timeline about said Vardar Insurgents.
  13. Višeslav

    Alternate Ideologies
    Threadmarks: Alternate Ideologies

    This is a thread for Alternate Ideologies (preferably those that appeared in the mid 1800s-early 1900s, so modern/industrial ones). The ideology could be an alternative/analogue to an existing ideology, an ideology that could have arisen at the time, an OTL ideology that could have gained more...
  14. Višeslav

    AHC - different South Slavic unification

    As the title says, make the South Slavs unite differently from the OTL Yugoslav state that was centred in Serbia but attempted to appease the other ethnic groups. The borders do not need to be those of OTL Yugoslavia. Any South Slavic nation state that contains a few South Slavic ethnicities...
  15. Pan-Iranism Becomes Successful?

    Pan-Iranism was the ideology that the Iranian peoples (Persian, Pashtun, Baluch, Kurd, etc) should unite to form one nation. Could it been possible for the movement to take off successfully than it did OTL and be able to gain a following in the Iranian countries and territories? And if so...
  16. Gukpard

    Could a Bonapartist state be built in the 20th century and survives until modern day?

    Ok, first of all, the state must really be openly Bonapartist, not of a similar ideology. And if you think I'm creating this thread because of KR, yeah, you are right But what can be used to define Bonapartism? First of all the state must claim to be "Bonapartistic", and now to the...
  17. Pressedflowers

    Anaxios: A Discussion on a Modern Byzantium

    Let us imagine a modern Romanía. One that has endured the ages, yet commands not the world's stage. Let us imagine the Romans as a people stretching from Azerbaijan to Serbia. Let us imagine that much of history is similar to ours; the Turks, the crusades, the rise of Europe, the Renaissance...
  18. Gukpard

    WI: Denmark joins the central powers and take baltic territories.

    On the XIII until the XVII centuries AD the Kingdom of Denmark controlled parts of the baltic, as it can be check on this map. Since Denmark became a very peacefull country after the war with Prussia I believe that a 19th century PoD is more realistic for the situation. Let's say that after the...
  19. haider najib

    Afghan pakistan war in 1975.

    Daoud khan president of afghanistan was a rabid nationalist of Afghanistan pushing for pashtun nationalism. He engaged zulfiqar bhutto's pakistan in a proxy war causing dissent and sabotage in the border land. Daud khan saw Durand line as a false border (afghanistan doesn't actually recognise...
  20. Gukpard

    WI: Perón does not die in power.

    After being removed in a coup in 1955, Perón returned to power after being elected in 1973 after 18 years of exile, however he did not ruled for long as his health was failing and he died in power in 1974. Let's say that he managed to keep ruling until the end of his mandate in 1978, how does...