The VT-BAM project

Can someone update the google drive and claim map, I want to get back involved if possible. I asked it on discord but got no answer other than I am on it.

All inactive claims* have been dissolved and the remaining ones have been merged with the WIP status.
*Excluding Alex Richards and VT45's claims due to their more complex nature

Updated tile archive

You have the overlays don't you?
So, as part of my own work with my timeline, I did do the town-level data for New England. It's about 70% similar to reality, so if you all want it for a base to refine from, I don't mind posting it here.


I've been running into glitches with my work on Ukraine sadly, I think the files were corrupted or something. I'll claim Kenya.


And since its been a week, how's everyone doing on their claims?
@Alex Richards I know that your claims are complex and take forever to do, but can I see your WIP rn, I might want it for a map.
I'm slowly working through the remainder of Austria, also Sweden.
Some other things are taking up ~90% of my free time right now, but they should ease off over the next week.