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  • Aron MacEanraig

    Aron MacEanraig

  • Dear VT45,
    Is there a thread/ imgur/ dart/ blog/ etc where I could find everything you made up about the Commonwealth of New England? I'd especially be interested in your list of NE GG's.
  • Olo72


  • Can you make a VT-BAM relief map of Canary Islands with altitudinal and batymetry if that is possible?
  • Neneveh


  • Where do you get your information for your language maps?

    I would like to use whatever information you're using for LWM-2, since LWM-1 has garnered a United French Front against me for showing Breton on it (I don't know why they hate Bretons so much).
  • Petike


  • As a fellow Extraordinaire (along with LSCatilina), I just want to say I'm extremely happy to see you return to this site. Even if it's just a short return, I'm grateful to see you here. :) All the best in your work and your hobbies.
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