The Quarter-BAM project

I hate to be pedantic, but Timor-Leste wasn't independent yet.
Fixed, hopefully for the last time:


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ALERT EVERYONE: I just notice the boundary between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is missing.


Gone Fishin'
Have a 1914 update.
quarter bam 1914.png

  • Canada's provinces and territories are now shown.
  • Mexico's states are now shown.
  • Brazil's states are now shown.
  • Australia's states are now shown.
  • The Ottoman Empire's vilayets are now shown.
  • The US territories have been given a darker shade of the US colour.
  • The internal boundaries of French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa are now shown.
  • The disputed boundary between Canada and Newfoundland is now shown in the correct colour.
  • Because the Republic of China did not recognise Tibet, Mongolia or Tannu Urankhai as independent, their borders with those nations are now marked as disputed.
  • The boundary of Tibet has been tweaked.
I noticed a pixel on the Free State-Northern Cape border had the wrong color, here's a patch

south africa patch.png

Edit: Also fixed some pixels on the Mozambique border and coastline
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I'd say use solution 3 for vassal states (eg Poland during the Cold War or British Egypt) and solution 2 for "influenced states" (eg Romania or Hungary during WW2)