The Quarter-BAM project


My biggest problem with hydroelectricity is all the annoying lakes it creates.
Have another 1914 update. Please note I'm not quite sure about the front lines in Mexico or which Pacific islands are which, so sorry for any errors.
quarter bam 1914.png

Greenland is done, and hence Earth. We're finished now. Now all that needs doing is a few historical maps (1815, 1914, interwar, Cold War, 2000); I'll get to work on 2000; @qazse is busy on 1914. @DJjablonski Would you mind adding this to the OP so people can easily find the maps?
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Any chance you are going to fill in more of the Eastern US subdivisions? Is it a matter of counties being smaller than a pixel and it would just be a confusing mess?
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2020 basemap

Patch 1.1: Sudanese, South Sudanese and some Egyptian secondaries; Pakistani tertiaries; Zabaykalskiy Krai raions
Ver 1.0.1: Added Kazakh and Kenyan secondaries, added Vorarlberg, fixed some lakes in Central Europe, readded Friuli-Venezia Giulia's provinces.
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Will there be a blank map, and a blank map with rivers, at some point in the future?
I second this request!

Also, could you make a map without the native reservations in the US, Brazil and some other nations shown?

Now all that needs doing is a few historical maps (1815, 1914, interwar, Cold War, 2000)

I look forward to them all. I do think we need quite a few more maps in the short to medium term (1844, 1848, 1861, 1865, 1871, 1900, 1914, 1918, 1920, 1930, 1936-1945, 1962, 1975, 1989, 1991), but still I do look forward to all of these maps!
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Proposed roadmap:
3100 BC: The Dawn of Civilisation
2500 BC: Age of the Pyramids
1350 BC: The First Societies
1177 BC: Bronze Age Collapse

753 BC: The Founding of Rome
627 BC: The Assyrian Empire and Greece
500 BC: The Height of the Persian Empire
323 BC: Macedonia at its Height
250 BC: The Hellenistic World
133 BC: The Second Punic War?
100 BC: The Growth of theRoman Republlic
44 BC: The Death of Caesar
1: The Birth of Christ
117: The Height of the Roman Empire
150: Rome and the Wider World
270: The Crisis of the Third Century
313: The Edict of Milan
396: Two Romes
476: The Fall of Rome

500: Barbarian Kingdoms
565: The Rise of the Franks
632: The Death of Muhammad - Entrerriano
734: The First Caliphate
814: Charlemagne's Empire
843: Division of the Frankish Realm
962: The HRE under Otto I
1067: Norman Conquest of England
1115: High Medieval Era
1150: The End of the Second Crusade
1250: The Mongol Empire
1350: Late Medieval Era

1444 - Gust
1453: The Fall of Constantinople
1492: A New World is Discovered


1914 - qazse
1975 - James the AH Fan
1989 - James the AH Fan
1991 - James the AH Fan
2000 - me
2021 - me
All maps as of January 1 of the year.
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I just wanna let you know - the coastlines around Lake Mombasa, southern Mozambique, the Azores, Bermuda and Cabo Verde are very slighlty different colours from most other coastlines.
I've noticed, portions of some national borders are still on the blank map - Argentina-Chile, Malaysia-Indonesia, and PNG-Indonesia.

Also, part of the coast of New Guinea is missing.