The Quarter-BAM project

Thread opener/ complete 2020 basemap
  • Have you ever felt like the Q-Bam is way too big, to the point where feel like your family has been working on this map for generations and you finally finish only to realize you haven't even started on Asia yet?
    Have you ever felt like the WorldA is way too small, to the point where you cant even show any detail because one pixel takes up the entirety of Slovenia?

    Well introducing the Quarter-BAM the solution to all your map-making needs

    About halfway between the size of a WorldA and & Q-BAM, The perfect compromise! (2487 x 1259)
    Super easy to convert a map from Q-BAM to Quarter-Bam, just half the height and width of the Q-BAM!


    But in all seriousness, I do feel that this community needs a map of this size, or at least I do, the worlda feels too small for any real detail and the Q-BAM is just really big and unwieldy
    I am making this mainly because this is how I feel, but if anyone wants to help me please feel free, I know there are better mappers and artists on this site than me, and collaboration is the best way to make a high quality product

    That said, this is what I have so far. Great Britain, The Mediterranean Coast, and much of Southern Africa

    The quarter-BAM is finished!
    Big thanks to @erictom333 for making the 2020 political map and for picking up where i left off in Canada
    More historical maps/patches on the way!
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    2020 basemap
  • quarterbam2021.png

    Patch 1.1: Sudanese, South Sudanese and some Egyptian secondaries; Pakistani tertiaries; Zabaykalskiy Krai raions
    Ver 1.0.1: Added Kazakh and Kenyan secondaries, added Vorarlberg, fixed some lakes in Central Europe, readded Friuli-Venezia Giulia's provinces.
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