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In the process of starting a TL with a Napoleon Victory where the Portuguese Royal Family goes to Brazil earlier in 1801, i needed a map of that period and since i was doing it anyway, i figured out i could make the 1803 Map [Napoleon vs Europe] for the Repository. I used DCS since i saw most of people here using it, the only pet peeve of mine is that everything is too blue haha. Also, if someone sees something wrong with the map , specially subdivisions, please tell me, since for example i'm pretty sure the Papal States subdivisions are anachronistic.
A good number of those reservoirs (e.g. the ones in Ukraine) didn't exist yet. But good job!

Added secondaries for Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and half of Zambia, and fixed southern Lake Nyasa and the African coast from Tanzania to eastern South Africa. Up next: Secondary subdivisions of the rest of Zambia, Namibia (where I can), Angola, Libya, and southern Algeria, and tertiary subdivisions for South Africa.
I am doing a Quarter-Bam map of the drakaverse on 1942, though I'm struggling when it comes to the internal borders on continental africa and I would need help there

I'm using this map as reference

  • Secondary subdivisions for: southern Algeria, Libya, Angola, Namibia, the rest of Zambia
  • Tertiary subdivisions for: South Africa
  • Coast patches: Libya, Angola, Namibia, South Africa