The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

I am unable to upload it here so I have posted it on imgur. There is also a blank version with no borders included.

What has been changed:
  • Updated with all the new patches since the last version
  • Updated the provinces of Norway to the new 2020 ones
  • Updated 2nd level divisions of Sardinia and removed the ones in Friuli Venezia Giulia as they have been abolished in 2017
  • Added a new Sierra Leonean province created in 2017
  • Added the new Algerian provinces created in 2019
  • Added the Ladakh Union Territory border in India, unsure about the districts
  • Fixed some disputed territories being shown wrong (mostly in India) and removed disputed borders that don't actually exist (such as in the Marshall Islands and Micronesia)
  • Changed the island boxes to only show countries and 1st level divisions, some of the islands outlined seemed to be completely random
  • Updated the legend to look nicer
  • Removed Sealand, I keep seeing it popping up on historical maps, it really shouldn't be on here it's literally just an oil rig
  • Fixed many miscoloured pixels throughout the entire map
  • Some other minor fixes I might have forgotten about
And a few notes:
  • I have changed the island boxes to a more square look, if any of you prefer the more rounded versions more I will revert them back
  • I have not added the updated lakes from Drex's river maps yet, waiting for an official patch
If I made any mistakes please do point them out I am sure I missed something lol

2020/07/11 EDIT:
  • Added the Transnistria and Israel-Palestine patches
  • Fixed an island in Canada
That splotch of land to the west of Maralinga Tjarutja LGA (in South Australia) is now the Mamungari Conservation Park, and has been governed by Maralinga Tjarutja since 2004.

Does anyone have a q-bam ocean depth map? I'll look through the thread to see if I can find one but if someone already has one that would be fantastic.

Updated the album:
  • Added all the new patches
  • Finally added the lake patches from Drex in North America
  • Gave dry lakes a separate colour for the sake of easier editing
  • Updated the South Sudanese states to the new ones, unsure on the districts
  • Fixed the Maralinga Tjarutja border in Australia
  • Added a separate map which has the official administrative division levels of each country
One thing to note, the districts of Kosovo are incorrect.
Can there be one without the Native reservations? Not that I don't have a problem with them, but I'm considering making a Q-BAM patch of some proposed Brazilian states, and the reservations make it tricky to find the borders needed.
I have considered it but the Brazilian 2nd/3rd levels were added after the reservation borders were patched in, so it would difficult to fix all the borders.

I might attempt it at some point when I have the time.