The Falling Rain: A Graphics Timeline

Brooklyn Naval Treaty, US Aircraft Carriers
TFR4 Brooklyn Naval Treaty.png

Aircraft Carriers of the United States:
  • AC-01 USS Ranger (Ranger-class) [1920] {sunk 1949, Tinderbox Test}
  • AC-02 USS Wasp (Wasp-class) [1928] {Treaty Carrier, sunk 1953}
  • AC-03 USS Hornet (Wasp-class) [1931] {Treaty Carrier, sunk 1953}
  • AC-03 USS Enterprise (Enterprise-class) [1938] {museum ship in NYC}
  • AC-04 USS Intrepid (Enterprise-class) [1939] {sunk 1953}
  • AC-05 USS Kearsarge (Enterprise-class) [1942] {sunk 1956}
  • AC-06 USS Merrimack (Enterprise-class) [1943] {sunk 1955}
  • AC-07 USS Independence (Independence-class) [1950] {sunk 1957}
  • AC-08 USS Valley Forge (Independence-class) [1951] {museum ship in Philadelphia}
  • AC-09 USS Bunker Hill (Independence-class) [1953] {sunk 1956}
  • AC-10 USS Ticonderoga (Independence-class) [1954] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-11 USS Yorktown (Independence-class) [1955] {sunk 1956}
  • AC-12 USS Lexington (Independence-class) [1955] {sunk 1958}
  • AC-13 USS Bennington (Independence-class) [1955] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-14 USS Princeton (Independence-class) [1956] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-15 USS Cowpens (Independence-class) [1956] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-16 USS Oriskany (Independence-class) [1956] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-17 USS Concord (Independence-class) [1957] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-18 USS Monmouth (Independence-class) [1957] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-19 USS Lake Champlain (Independence-class) [1957] {scrapped 1963}
  • AC-20 USS Franklin (Franklin-class) [1957] {scrapped 1974}
  • AC-21 USS Randolph (Franklin-class) [1957] {scrapped 1974}
  • AC-22 USS Hancock (Franklin-class) [1958] {sunk 1959}
  • AC-23 USS Artemas Ward (Franklin-class) [1958] {museum ship in Boston}
  • AC-24 USS Samuel Adams (Franklin-class) [1958] {scrapped 1978}
  • AC-25 USS Paul Revere (Franklin-class) [1958] {scrapped 1971}
  • AC-26 USS Horatio Gates (Franklin-class) [1958] {sunk 1967}
  • AC-29 USS John Jay (Franklin-class) [1959] {scrapped 1969}
  • AC-30 USS General Greene (Franklin-class) [1959] {scrapped 1978}
  • AC-31 USS Roger Sherman (Franklin-class) [1959] {scrapped 1983}
  • AC-32 USS Lightfoot Lee (Franklin-class) [1960] {scrapped 1989}
  • AC-33 USS Henry Knox (Franklin-class) [1960] {scrapped 1993}
  • AC-34 USS George Washington (George Washington-class) [1963] {museum ship in Norfolk}
  • AC-35 USS John Adams (George Washington-class) [1965] {sunk 1998}
  • AC-36 USS Thomas Jefferson (George Washington-class) [1967] {scrapped 2012}
  • AC-37 USS James Madison (George Washington-class) [1968] {scrapped 2002}
  • AC-38 USS James Monroe (George Washington-class) [1968] {scrapped 2018}
  • AC-39 USS John Quincy Adams (George Washington-class) [1969] {scrapped 2019}
  • AC-40 USS Andrew Jackson (George Washington-class) [1974] {scrapped 2024}
  • AC-41 USS Martin Van Buren (George Washington-class) [1976] {scrapped 2026}
  • AC-42 USS William Henry Harrison (George Washington-class) [1979] {scrapped 2037}
  • AC-43 USS Millard Fillmore (George Washington-class) [1980] {scrapped 2037}
  • AC-44 USS Charles Francis Adams (George Washington-class) [1982] {scrapped 2037}
  • AC-45 USS Henry Wilson (George Washington-class) [1984] {scrapped 2037}
  • AC-46 USS United States (United States-class) [1989]
  • AC-47 USS Constitution (United States-class) [1990]
  • AC-48 USS President (United States-class) [1992]
  • AC-49 USS Constellation (United States-class) [1995]
  • AC-50 USS Chesapeake (United States-class) [2000]
  • AC-51 USS Congress (United States-class) [2001]
  • AC-52 USS Joshua Chamberlain (Joshua Chamberlain-class) [2007]
  • AC-53 USS Ely S Parker (Joshua Chamberlain-class) [2008]
  • AC-54 USS Benjamin Harrison (Joshua Chamberlain-class) [2012]
  • AC-55 USS Robert Todd Lincoln (Joshua Chamberlain-class) [2013]
  • AC-56 USS Albert Beveridge (Joshua Chamberlain-class) [2017]
  • AC-57 USS Theodore Roosevelt (Joshua Chamberlain-class) [2018]
  • AC-58 USS Alfred Warren (Joshua Chamberlain-class) [2022]
  • AC-59 USS John Paul Jones (John Paul Jones-class) [2023]
  • AC-60 USS Bonhomme Richard (John Paul Jones-class) [2033]
  • AC-61 USS Abraham Whipple (John Paul Jones-class) [2037]
  • AC-62 USS Matthew Perry (John Paul Jones-class) [2038]
  • AC-63 USS Stephen Decatur (John Paul Jones-class) [2040]
  • AC-64 USS James Lawrence (John Paul Jones-class) [2041]
  • AC-65 USS David Farragut (David Farragut-class) [2046] {under construction}
  • AC-66 USS Andrew Foote (David Farragut-class) [2047] {under construction}
  • AC-67 USS John Rodgers (David Farragut-class) [2050] {planned}
  • AC-68 USS David Porter (David Farragut-class) [2052] {planned}
  • AC-69 USS Stephen Rowan (David Farragut-class) [2056] {planned}
  • AC-70 USS George Read (David Farragut-class) [2058] {planned}
Third American Civil War
TFR4 Third Civil War.png

"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."
- Abraham Lincoln, 1838 Lyceum Address
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West Sudan
TFR4 West Sudan.png

Here's another of this world's villains, and the second of the five major ongoing conflicts in the world! Still not quite sold on the flag design for West Sudan, have to think about it some more.
Are the Third Napoleonic Wars the same as the Second European Civil War?

And when did the Second Napoleonic Wars happen?
The Second Napoleonic Wars are a series of wars that Napoleon III wages in Europe and around the world that generally last from 1859 until 1873, and include the Austro-Sardinian War, the Polish Independence War/Crimean War, the Franco-Mexican War, the Sicilian War, the First Franco-Prussian War, and the French Civil War of 1871-1873, among other conflicts.

The Third Napoleonic Wars, by contrast, are waged from 1967-1978, and involve the return of the "Free France" government, run by Napoleon VI, from Africa back to Europe, and the wars mainly see France lose all of its colonial possessions in exchange for recovering the mainland, all except for Wehran.

France has a rough time in this world - there are seven republics, four empires, the Orleanists come back for a moment, and then there's the dictatorships of Sorelian France and Gallicist France during the European Civil Wars. France is a major power in the world, but not a Great Power.