william henry harrison

  1. Veranius

    The Falling Rain: A Graphics Timeline
    Threadmarks: Opening Post + 2041 World Map

    Oh on and on shall fall the rain, In this great nation, long split in twain. Oh on and on shall fall the rain, Through misery, silence, e’erlasting pain. Pick up your sword, call forth the slain, Let those past deeds be not in vain. For what is there left for us to gain, That will earn us a...
  2. WI: Daniel Webster accepts one of the offers to become Vice President

    In 1840, Daniel Webster was offered the position of William Henry Harrison's running mate. He refused. Harrison died after only a month, and so John Tyler became president. History repeated itself in 1848, when Webster turned down a chance to become Zachary Taylor's vice president, only for...
  3. JWQ

    President Davy Crockett The champion of squatters rights

    What would a president Davy Crockett administration look like? There are a couple of elections he could’ve become the American president. However the most likely chance he could have won the office would have been William Henry Harrison‘s running mate in 1840 . Provided he doesn’t die at the Alamo.
  4. WI: William Henry Harrison survives

    William Henry Harrison is probably most famous for one thing: dying a month after being sworn in as President of the United States. But what if he had lived long enough to complete at least one full term?