Recruitment for a Darkest Hour Timeline 191 mod


Hello members of I am currently assembling a team of modders to create a Timeline 191 mod for Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game. I am trying to get the project off the ground. I know a mod exists for HOI4 but that game is not really my thing and I know a lot of DH fans who prefer DH. I also feel this mod could bring more people to DH due the popularity of Timeline 191. I am facing difficulty as I am building a team a mod largely from scratch. This is not established like Kaiserreich is. I am also on the KR Team for DH as a contributor for DH. Mostly in the creative department. That being said my mod needs contributors in a lot of areas namely

Event Writers

Graphical Experts (should be able to both make graphics like event pics, propaganda posters as a well as those able to tweek photos. )

Creative Consultants

Coders for in game stuff

Testers for later

Anyone who is interested can post here or PM me. Thanks for your time.
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I am absolutely not interested in this, and think you would be better served making the mod in a game not 13 years old.