Q-Bam Historical Map Thread


Update of my 1773 map, I think I corrected a bit the borders of Louisiana. I added a few enclaves in India like Pulicat and Sadras, and I tried to fix the borders of Madras and Mysore. I don't remember right now if I did anything else. I wanted to rework Rupert's Land to match it with the watersheds and the HBC's charter, however, it seems like the Qbam map isn't accurate enough in Canada (Here I asked about this) or perhaps isn't accurate in the United States' counties, which would mean that I should rework the borders of Louisiana...

Edit: I tried to draw the borders of the Prince-Bishopric of Trento.
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Found this map on r/MapPorn, which claims to depict the suyu and (more importantly) wamani (second-level admin divisions/governates) of the Inca Empire. It's almost certainly not actually accurate, as no complete records of the wamani exist (afaik), but hey if anyone wants to give QBAMifying it a shot, I still think it could be useful if there are no other sources.

Link to thread on reddit.
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