1. kasumigenx

    Kasumigenx Historical Map thread
    Threadmarks: map of silesia 11th-12th centuries

  2. GameBawesome

    Save one Historical Microstate

    Microstates are an oddity in the world. Not to be confused with Micronations, Microstates are internationally recognized and sovereign nations, that are tiny. There's been many Microstates in history, most of which get swallowed up by their larger neighbors. If you had to save one Microstate in...
  3. mikroraptor

    Mikroraptor's Historical Map thread

    Hello, all! I have been making historical maps as an educational resource, and I think that they could also be useful for making AH projects. These maps are made using multiple sources, and as such I attempt to choose the most accurate borders, but it is still guesswork. I will post a labeled...
  4. Valdore Javorsky

    Valdore's V-BAM store AkA huge Historical Province Maps

    So I've posted my Austria WIP province Map a few days ago and I thought, hey, why continue annoying the map thread iv when you also can do your own thread? So this is Valdore's V-BAM Store AkA Valdore's Shitstuff Corner. In this thread I will post (nearly) all of my maps including...
  5. JG Online

    Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Title speaks for itself we'll be trying to make as accurate as possible full world historical Q-Bam maps I'll start with 1520 AD