1. Switz

    K-7 Map Thread

    hello alternatehistory.com, if you have created a large alternate history map on this site you have probably used the q-bam. well, no offense, but the q-bam usually doesn't use any real methods other than "look at reference and draw," which makes it more of a drawing than a projection, and as...
  2. Completing the Q-BAM sized 8K-BAM Robinson map

    Remember that attempt to make a Q-BAM sized Robinson blank map based on the 8K-BAM elevation robinson map? It was never finished but why don't we try and finish it? The resized generated elevation Map. How far they initially went. The little I have added.
  3. Artienia

    Terraformed Venus Qbam Map Project 2 - Electric Boogaloo

    Map is here: Second map is important so look at it. The Unfinished regions are divided into Chunks. In the previous map threat i lost motivation as i didnt have a deadline. Now i do. I have 2 days to finish each chunk and move on. This starts from Apr 5th to June 1st, So expect the map to be...
  4. Bob Hope

    Blank World Basemaps for Q-Bam edited by Bob Hope
    Threadmarks: Basemap

    I have, over the years, trawled the internet to find Q-Bam basemaps to use and have even created my own. To save others that trouble I have collected the ones I consider the best together here for anyone to use. Remember Q-Bams come in variable sizes, to minimize this I am displaying only those...
  5. Hypersauce

    Q-BAM Province Map Thread

    Just an Attempt at making a province map. I'll Post Regional Updates, Then Post a Single map With everything.
  6. Artienia

    Terraformed Venus Q-Bam Project

    Hello AH.com community! I am back with an other map project which is 90% useless After the QT-map's somewhat success and the Martian Q-bam' completion, my sights is on Venus full map: https://i.imgur.com/ZCmP8MU.png contrary to regular Q-bam maps, the original resolution of the Venus map was...
  7. Artienia

    Remastered Mars Qbam map

    A long time ago i created a mars map. Sadly this was half of Q-bam Resolution (Instead of ~2500x5000, it was ~1300x2600) Today, i have upscaled it and over the course of some weeks i will try my best to make it Q-bam Compatible. Progress as of Writing: The thin line you see is the familiar...
  8. Artienia

    QT-Bam possible map

    Hey guys! This is my first post on the forum! So if i correct There are 2 V Maps, V-Bam map and VT-Bam map. I am new i may be wrong but the difference between V and VT is that the latter is in equirectangular projection, making it easy for putting it on the globe. SO I PRESENT YOU THE QT MAP...
  9. The Pieman

    The X-BAM main thread

    This thread is for the discussion of the X-BAM map that will be larger and more detailed that its M-BAM Parent map.
  10. The Alternative

    Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Title speaks for itself we'll be trying to make as accurate as possible full world historical Q-Bam maps I'll start with 1520 AD