Photos from World War Z


Medics on hazard suits during the first strains of the zombie virus on a military hospital of Madrid, Spain, during the Great Panic

Paraguayan soldiers patrolling a town during the Operation Yegros. When the solanum virus reached Paraguay, a retreat to the Chaco, former Jesuitic misions and the jungle became the main safe zones of Paraguay. In cooperation with the rebel Paraguayan People's Army, the goverment and those rebels managed to liberated the country with help of Argentina in 2023

ROC Army tanks rolling down on a street in NE Taiwan for a "military exercise", in response to the threats of PRC. Due to the outbreaks in small villages and the subsequent mobilization of PLA, the CCP would declare threats against Taiwan to cover-up the ongoing crisis in the mainland. Though, the threats will end as the CCP fails to contain the outbreak.

Fires affecting Chile's southern wine-producing regions as a result of the government's use of napalm against the zombies. This would heavily affect Chile's economy post-war as it would take several years for these wine vineyards to recover.

A notice about the closure of Liberty Island and Ellis Island during the Great Panic in New York City, May 8, 2013. It would not be until 2023 when Army Group North would be the first to set-up an FOB in Liberty Island, Ellis Island, and Governor's Island for the reclamation of the Big Apple.

This permafrost map of the northern hemisphere shows the approximate zones of zero Zed activity as they could not survive in the sub-zero temperatures. Humans attempted to, and while many communities where wiped out some places such as Vorkuta in Russia, a nearly abandoned town before WWZ came back to life.


Improvised drone with mortar round, location unknown. Note the amount of mortar rounds in the background. Recreational drones were not only used as scouting for herds of zombies but also as improvised bombers as well. These saw widespread use among survivor communities around the world especially in areas in the sea of zack.
WWZ Year One - The Great Panic
Location - South Africa

As the outbreak of Solanum spread across South Africa, the dead are seen here in the slums of Capetown, heading towards what can be assumed to be the location of survivors trying to survive the onslaught of the undead.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The dead are seen here pushing against makeshift walls made of steel containers. Steel containers where they could be found, were some of the most advantageous survival utilities during the war. In many harbours across the globe, makeshift cities were constructed with walls made from containers,l by utilising harbour cranes to lower them into orderly fashion. They could easily be converted into housing for the survivors inside those walls, and the contents of those containers that were due to be shipped across the world used for survival.

Containers could even be used as weapons themselves by being used to lower and crush the undead into a pulp and keep hordes down to low numbers.


The full version of the map from Reddit (it´s one of the best maps created of the book version)

Maybe, I supose that it was infected and the goverment retreated to Bornholm or the Feroe Islands
Heh, Bornholm. That reminded me of the SSSS comic.

Though, with the Germans holed up north of the Kiel canal, I suppose Jutland is safe and may also hosts the government if Copenhagen fell.