Photos from World War Z

The undead swarm towards the fence line of a survivor outpost location near the border between Scotland and England.

Originally constructed in the 1960s to help control rioting during The Troubles, Peace Walls quickly became one of the foundations of anti-zombie defense not just in Ulster but all of Ireland. While Ireland never fully implemented a Redeker Plan, construction of similar walls throughout Irish cities allowed for outbreaks to be controlled, with entire neighborhoods being closed off if an outbreak of Solanum was suspected or a zombie seen. The Walls also allowed for Safe Zones to close themselves off if an outbreak was too big to contain, earning them the nickname of Crannogs after the dwellings of ancient irish history. Even after then end of the Zombie War, Ireland still maintains these walls throughout all its major cities

The cliffs of the Faroe Islands protected it from seaborne zombies and raiders. It is for this that the Norwegian government evacuated over 100,000 refugees to these islands in the North Sea.
OneRepublic's Counting Stars music video which was released on June 22, 2024, eleven years after its intended release which was indefinitely delayed due to the Great Panic.
Top: A car aflame in a residential neighborhood in Saskatchewan, Canada during the Great Panic after being shot at by the RCMP for trying to escape a quarantine zone.
Mid: A LaMOE vigilante gunning down zombies and civilians in British Columbia, Canada amidst rumors that asymptomatic carriers were spreading across the province.
Bottom: Internally-displaced persons (IDPs) passing through a neighborhood in Alberta, Canada towards a refugee collection point at a Canadian Forces encampment.

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Top: Scores of civilians being escorted to safety by members of the SQ, RCMP, and SPVM during the evacuation of Montreal, Canada.
Mid: A convoy of vehicles carrying PHSCC advisors, escorted by an OPP helicopter, enters locked-down Toronto after a formal request for aid by the Canadian government.
Bottom: A pair of zombies shuffling about through an overrun neighborhood street in British Columbia, Canada on a rainy Pacific Northwest night.

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Despite heroic efforts it was not possible to keep the Thames Flood Barrier working during the Great Panic, and once power began to fail so did the Barrier, eventually ending up with some parts up, but the central section open. This meant parts of London became prone to flooding, and the river could not flow normally after a heavy storm.

This was fortuitious for the Tower of London as it meant the moat became permanently flooded for the first time since 1850 adding another layer of defence to the already formidable structure.
The recently infected and reanimated press against the glass of a department store window in China during the depths of the outbreak in China, hungry for the survivors hiding inside moments before the pane was broken. The image was found in the memory card of a camera that was attached to nothing more than the skeletal remains of a completely picked clean body.
The moment of disaster for a young couple in the depths of the initial outbreak in China. After being trapped in a train carriage for more than 12 hours, the dead eventually broke through the doors. Their demise was captured from the on train CCTV.


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