world war z

  1. Gillan1220

    World War Z ( my overview timeline)

    Note: I'm using elements of the recorded attacks in the Zombie Survival Guide along with some fanfic elements to construct this overview timeline of Max Brook's zombie universe. August 9, 1945: The Red Army invades Manchuria and Korea after declaring war on Japan in the final stages of World...

    What if World War Z was adapted as a big budget TV Series on HBO?
  3. CJD

    Photos from World War Z

    I figured this would be as good a scenario as any that we could come up with a lot of visuals for: US Army forces firing into the massive horde of zombies streaming out of NYC during the Battle of Yonkers.
  4. twistedirregular

    World War Z and beyond?

    I recently re-read Max Brooks' novel, World War Z and was thinking about what World War Z could be like and what the world would look like the aftermath of V-C Day (Victory in China). So I was thinking - what does the rest of the world, besides the countries of the book, look like? It seems to...