Photos from World War Z


A homemade raft with refugees was spotted offshore the Netherlands on one stormy day, several weeks after the Great Panic ravaged the Low Countries. Due to the chaos and perceived danger on land, many people around the world fled to the sea in desperation on boats or other floating things such as the raft pictured above, looking for safety in other regions.

Closing the border cross between Haiti and Dominican Republic, at Pedernales, D.R. (viewed from D.R. side). The Dominican Army created refugee camps, and a sapper company created a moat at the border

A luxury stilt house in Hawaii, c. 2030.

Stilt houses became the common architectural designs in post-WWZ housing projects since the height would give the first line of defense against potential zombie outbreaks since it would place the residents far from the zombie's arms reach. Notice the single curving stairs at the center of this house, which could easily be blocked or destroyed in an event of an outbreak. Similar luxury stilt houses have been seen in California, Florida, the Caribbean, and other coastal regions of the world.

Philippine Marines armed with M14 rifles in Mindanao. In an effort to conserve ammunition, military personnel were given semi-auto rifles to make every headshot count as personnel tended to "spray and pray" with their M16s when faced with a large group of zombies.
WWZ Year 9
Location - Florida, USA

During the turning tide of the war, when the remains of mans empire were crumbling, humanity took the fight to the undead and stood against the oncoming tide of extinction.

Large numbers of the undead are seen being coaxed out into the streets here in an unknown location in Florida, USA. Just out of shot to the bottom right of the camera was a battalion of soldiers playing bait and leading the undead down the streets into a trap. They would be lead into a harbour area where makeshift walls had been made from steel containers. Once enough of the undead were inside steel containers would then be placed at the entrance sealing them in. This would allow for instant and heavy fire from gunners hidden inside the containers who would use sniper rifles for one bullet one kill ratio head shots at small hatches no bigger than the barrel of the rifle and scope.

The remaining dead who were left wandering the streets would then be given a repeat of the process until enough of the city was felt to be empty enough to continue hand to hand combat.

A survivalist cabin in Maine with hunters showing off their kill, c. 2015. Maine was one of the few states on the East Coast that surprisingly weathered World War Z best due to the low-population density, the high amount of guns in the hands of civilians, and the cold weather which hampered the movement of zombie swarms coming from the D.C.-Boston corridor.

Karen rebels clear an infested village in the rural portions of Myanmar, c. 2016. As the government collapsed in Rangoon, Karen rebels managed to carve their own territories and due to the lack of military forces, they took upon themselves to clean-up zombies in their territory. Oftentimes, they would clash with hardline Burmese military forces but in some cases, they would initiate a truce with the scattered units of the Burmese military when going on the offensives against hordes of zombies.
WWZ Year 1
Location - London, England

The effectiveness of the Phalanx lie is demonstrated well here at the very early stages of the outbreak in London, United Kingdom. Two infected individuals hammer against the glass of a pre war traditional red London bus. The person inside, obviously under the spell of the Phalanx lie, thinks it's all a joke and takes a photo. The fact that the photo of this incident has been taken up so close would imply that the photographer behind the lens also has fallen for the Phalanx trap.

The image was found on a camera that was in the pocket of an infected individual during the liberation and clearing out of all infected individuals of London. Bite wound marks covered his forearms and shoulder.

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Indian soldiers meet with rebel PLA soldiers in the Sino-Indian border, c. 2017. The rebel PLA soldiers here are declaring that the rebel faction has no intention to inflame tensions with India admist the backdrop of World War Z and the Second Chinese Civil War. In many cases, Indian and rebel PLA soldiers cooperated in hunting down zombies in both sides of their border.

A police officer armed with an MP5 submachine gun outside New Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police. In the days leading to the Great Panic while Britain was conducting Operation Drypool, the presence of armed police officers became a common sight. This lead to people wondering the change of security, knowing that British police are mostly armed with non-lethal weapons and the fact Britain has not faced a large terrorist attack since 7/7.

New Scotland Yard would eventually be evacuated by surviving personnel as the military lost control of London.

'A Warning'
by Lieutenant Oliver West, taken somewhere near Lake Sakakawea.
"We discovered this Zed on a fortified bridge. We'd seen stuff like that before on the march East. Warnings for rival survival groups and the like. It was a way to say 'Watch out, you're in our territory now.' But this one was left for us. A group of secessionists who didn't want to be liberated. The bastards captured some of our advance guys, infected them, and left their reanimated remains for us to find. Usually I hated killing the living. Always felt like a failure of diplomacy. Not that time."

Pre-war photograph of the Saw Mill River Parkway in Yonkers, New York. This would be where the infamous Battle of Yonkers would be fought in August 2013 which resulted in the U.S. military being rerouted by a horde of millions of zombies coming from New York City.

Aerial photograph of Las Vegas, the Sin City of America. After it was reclaimed from zombies, the city was repaired to provide entertainment and morale for the beleaguered population and military personnel.