Peshawar Lancers Redux: Asia

In a meeting with the Governor General of Hong Kong Prime Minister Charles Wong made it clear that the colonies ethnic Chinese population had no desire to become part of the Republic of China. The Population of the colony considered themselves loyal subjects of his majesty.. The Legislature fully funded the purchase of modern military equipment to ensure the colony's defenses.
Trade between the Republic of China and Hong Kong was growing but the Crown Colony was seeing a growth in trade with the Empire of Japan, Singapore, Philippines,Australia,Hawaii and the US. Tourism was a growing business in the colony and the Royal Hong Kong Police was kept busy fighting attempts by organized crime to steal from tourist and business. The Commissioner of Police was asking for more manpower to fight organized crime. The 25 Investigation teams of Inspectors and Sergeants were overwhelmed and the Legislature approved a major overall of the investigation division. Chief Inspector Charles Wilson arrived from London to take over the Division as Detective Superintendent Hong Kong. Two DCIs were created as well as 5 more Inspectors, 6 Detective Sergeants and 12 detective Constables. Five female investigators were added to the division and the force was to grow by 180 constables.
The American company that was manufacturing the F-5 freedom fighter managed to sell it to the Central American Republic, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Peru, Portugal, Kurdistan,Netherlands, Norway and now China. The fighter was well made not too costly and easy to maintain. The Chinese government was eager to replace the American made F-100 super saber.
While the world was celibrating the great achievement of the United States several incidents took place in Asia. Chinese Border Security forces fired on Russians who were violating the Chinese border. Things rapidly esclated as Russian Motorized Border Security forces engaged the Chinese. The Chinese called in air Support and a flight of 5 F-100 Super Sabres bombed the Russian. This lead to Russian Fighters being called in and the Chinese 18th Army began moving forces north to support the security forces. # Chinese F-5G fighters engaged the Russians and chased them back into Russia.
The Security Council of the Commonwealth of Nations called upon Russia and China to cease hostilities and respect one another s border. China was calling for sanctions on Russia.
China noe seemed to be turning to the Kingdom of Israel-Palestine and France for military equipment. Israeli Military industry had helped to modernize the American made weapons.
Japan and Hawaii had signed agreements allowing the Japanese to purchase the Phantom II. Hawaii had helped to train the Japanese pilots.
The French and Chinese governments had signed contracts for the purchase of jet combat aircraft, Helicopters, Cargo planes a complete air defense radar and missile system. Long range artillery and the construction of 4 destroyers and 4 frigates. It was an incredible amount of weapons. It would transform the Chinese military into a modern force.. Japan had signed a four billion dollar purchase agreement with Hawaii to help with the modernization of Japan;s new carriers
The Death of the Chinese President put the hard line Prime Minister in charge. Just when Sino=Japanese relations were improving thee danger of war was now increasing. The Prime Minister had ordered the Chinese 12th Army group to the area opposite Hainan Island. Hawaii used its Ambassador to contact the Chinese Speaker of the Lower House so as to block a war.
The Chinese government was in Crisis and the Speaker, after consulting with key members of the House ordered the security services to take the Prime Minister into custody on charges of involvement in the death of the President and illegal trying to start a war. The Speaker acted as temporary President and ordered new elections. Th Hawaiian and Japanese Ambassador was notified that Chinese forces woulf immediately begin to move away from the region opposite Hainan Island.
Chang Wu was first to declare that he as a member of the Free Democracy Party was running for President
So a war was averted but it was clear that Japan's control of Hainan Island continued to be an issue that effected Sino-Japanese relations. Nearly 200,000 Japanese citizens moved from the island back to Japan and another 100,000 relocated to Taiwan. The election of Chang Wu as the new President of China naked the first non Nationalist Party President. > Also elected was Lee Tan as Vice President. Lee Tan also became the first Chinese Government official to visit the island in more than 100 plus years.
The Chinese President paid an offical visit to Hong Kpng and met with the colony's Prime Minister and the Governor General.
The is a considerable amount of pressure within China over Hainan Island. The Ultra Nationalist have latched onto it as a key demand. However President Chang Wu is clear that he does not want to start a war over the issue and hopes that the issue can be resolved peacefully. The Chinese Military wants control of the island restored to China so as to any blockade threat from Japan. With over 600,000 ethnic Japanese people having left the island since the crisis it is clear that the population has taken a big hit. The Japanese Government has encouraged a return to the home islands in order to boost the population..
With many empty houses in the provinces and government Grant and loans it is expected that at least another 800,000 to 1,200,000 might move thus reducing the population to perhaps only 7 million. with a real possibility that within 4 years it could drop to 3.4 Million.
By August of 1999 the Japanese population of Hainan Island had declined to 1,800 and those people refused to leave. The Japanese Government created a new Police force in 1998 out of Japanese Volunteers from Japan and the 300,000 Chinese that lived on the island. Japan trained and equipped the 180 man force and paid them. In September of that year the islands shifted from Japanese Control to the Republic of China. The islands population grew from 301,800 to more than 900,000. This meant an expansion of the Police force to 325.All of the additional officers were Chinese and China paid the entire police budget.
Finally the issue that had created problems between Japan and China was settled President Chang Wu praised the Japanese Government and people.
President Chang Wu had finally defused the last problem standing between establishing good relations with Japan. He had now undermined the UltraNationalist and would easily win a second term of 5 years as President. He had also reached an agreement with the British and Royal Crown Colony of Hong Kong that would allow it to remain an independent entity. Some in the Chinese Government wanted Tibet to be absorbed into China. The British had during their years of controlling India made an effort to establish a good relationship with the Tibetan Kingdom. It had traded with Tibet and brought modern goods into the Nation. Tibet had a modern Military and it had roads and communication lines that ran back into India. With the Independence of India the British had been replaced by Indians who did not want the Chinese Tiger to suddenly be on its doorstep.
President Chang Wu had been a great pusher for expansion of the Healthcare of the Chinese people. He had pushed for the construction of Hospitals, clinics and Medical schools. He wanted to add 10,000 doctors and 40,000 nurses to the Chinese professional trained medical personnel and eventually triple that number.
The Chinese President demanded that the Chinese Congress fund a major expansion of the Public health service and the training of a larger amount of doctors, Nurses and medical technicians.. Even though the medical schools and nursing schools had trained massive numbers of students the Chinese President demanded that the next class be 4 times as large. The Chinese Military had trained doctors and nurses but stated that they were unable to train the massive amounts that the Chinese President wanted,
Then came word that something had broken out in Northern China. Special Chinese troops responded in chemical and biological warfare outfits.
Hong Kong Closed the borders of the colony and the entire colony's defense force was put on alert. Hong Kong had three Hospitals and 7 clinics serving the colony.
Japan sealed the border to Manchuria and Korea did the same to China .
Evidence seemed to point to an abandoned Han Government Biological Lab. The Japanese Government had halted all work on Biological warfare weapons 6 years earlier and had only continued research on defenses against such weapons.
Mongolia reported 9 cases of illness that seemed to follow the pattern of the Chinese Infection. Russia reported two cases in Siberia.
Cases in the former parts of the region where the Han Biological Lab was located had now reached 500. The Chinese Military was Locking down the area and requesting additional support Cases were now reported 20 miles away China's President was asking for a speed up in the training of Medical Personnel . Chinese and British and Hawaiian Medical experts believed that this was a Man made virus.
Japanese Military Intelligence had begun interviewing Han Refugees in Manchuria for any information about the lab. The finally came across a Medical Lab tech who confirmed that there was something being worked in at the lab but it was restricted and several workers had disappeared.. Japan turned over a copy of the interview to Hawaii.