Peshawar Lancers Redux: Asia

The British-India Nationalist Party together with it ally the Indian Conservative Alliance would seek support from the other Political Parties sometimes playing the Peshawar Party against the Congress Party. It was careful to ensure that both parties didn't vote against the Government. Still eventually there would be a need for a new election and everything could then fall apart.
Some in the Empire of Japan now moved to support the independence movement in Indochina but the Emperor had yet to take an official position. The French were now moving to crush an insurgency movement in Vietnam. They had 24,000 troops in Indochina plus another 24,000 of native colonial forces.
The French Government deployed another 40,000 troops to Indochina and ordered the raising of another 30,000 native Indochinese troops.
In British-India the current Government was facing growing opposition from the Congress Party which sought to gain control of both Foreign Policy and the British-Indian Military establishment from the government of Great Britain. The argument being that these were Indian Soldiers,Sailors and Airman and the Indian Government should control them not London. London was afraid that if it passed control of the Military and foreign policy to the government in New Delhi it would lead to a civil war and create unbelievable problems that were held in check by Westminster.
London made some changes to the self rule agreement and it transferred Foreign Policy from London to New Delhi. It also moved from total control of the military to joint control. This strengthen the hands of the pro Anglo-Indian parties.
The US and the Republic of the Philippines signed an agreement in June of 1954 allowing the establishment of a naval base and an air base in the Philippines. The agreement would run for 12 years and could be renewed for an additional 10 years or more.
The Liberal Democrat Party in Hawaii began to push to sell the Republic of China the Kingdoms non-nuclear submarines. So far the McNamara Administration was not buying the idea as it would cause problems with the Empire of Japan.
The Empire of Japan sent an official message to Katherine McNamara thanking her for maintaining a balanced foreign policy and wishing her and her family well She also received a thanks from the Republic of China.
The Australian Government was holding talks with the Royal Hawaiian Government about the possibility of purchasing 5 Whale class SSNs from Hawaii. Talks were ongoing and it would allow production of 2 submarines to continue for the next decade.
Japan's Ambassador to the United States was trying to get a picture of what a Kennedy Administration might look like. The Nationalist along with their Republican allies would have 56 Senate Seats out of the 98 thus the Republicans controlled the Senate.The House consisted of 352 members with the Nationalist holding 182 and the Democrats 170. Thus any moves by the President could face opposition,Ambassador Yoshi Namura was sure that the US might not support any French move to retain control over Indochina.
1965 Australia had sent a crew to Hawaii to pick up its first nuclear attack submarine and some additional personnel were arriving to begin the Nuclear training. The second submarine was to be delivered in early 1968.
Three ex Royal Hawaiian Navy destroyers were sold to the Republic of China giving that Nation three warships which were in good shape and much more modern than what they had.
The Republic of China was going to modernize the exUS warships. It wanted to insure its sea lanes from hostile forces.
The Empire of Japan was concern by the Chinese Military build up but more so by the Russian increase in forces in the Pacific region.
The Republic of China was having serious discussions with the Empire of Japan about the Island of Hainan. The Chinese desired to regain the lost territory and some more of Imperial China from the Empire of Japan.
China had bought the American Garrand and M-1 rifles and the BAR from the US as well as the browng 30cal LMG and was producing them in China
Talks between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan began in Hong Kong with a meeting of the two countries Foreign Ministers. It moved to Manila and finally to Honolulu, The Hawaiian Secretary of State helped to mediate some of the differences. Some progress was made by the two but the issue of Hainan Island just kept the two from reaching a solid deal.
The Imperial Japanese Navy was Patrolling the South China Sea as well as the Sea of Japan using the Neptune P-2 ASW aircraft
The US Navy had switched to the P-3C Orion Aircraft but the Neptune was used by the Republic of China, Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Chile ,New Zealand, Republic of South Africa and Spain
The Government of the Kingdom of Laos requested help from the United States and France in putting down a left wing insurgency. France responded that it was unable to help due to commitments in North Africa. The US agreed to supply aid and provide training to the Royal Laotian Army and Air Force.
The Empire of Japan announced that it would contribute 22 million dollars toward the TDI announced by the American President. It showed that the Emperor was serious that the Earth and Japan must never have to face the threat of another Fall like event Happening.