Peshawar Lancers Redux: Asia

The miniseries The Fall stired interest in Japan at looking at what the Imperial government was doing and what had not been shown in the series.Japan became for a time the Empire of the Rising Sun and its key mission was to gain territory to insure the survival of the Japanese people. The Empire waged a war that resulted in the capture of Formosa and Hainan Islands . It also began the conquest of China.
The result of the airing of the series episode involving the Japanese conquest of a lot of China saw antiJapanese demonstrations in the Republic of China. The Chinese government attempted to calm matters but demonstrations continued resulted in the unleasing of special police units.
The Government of the Republic of China was attempting to calm thing and end the attacks on Japanese Businesses inside China. There was a massive protest in Shanghai and the Government deployed Army units to back up the riot police. In Peking anti and Pro-Japanese Chinese groups battled in the streets. The Governor request military forces and the Chinese President deployed the 43rd Infantry Division to the city.
The Government of Japan was beginning to lose its paitence with the Chinese Government. As a result it issued an advusory calling for all Japanese Citizens to leave China. It also was prepared to demand that all Japanese business close in China.
Japanese businesses closed in China. Many were located in the formerly Japanese controlled region. This resulted in more clashes between the Han Chinese and the southern Chinese. The Manchurian border was closed and Japanese troops took up defensive positions. Japanese Ships arrived at Hainan Island and began to evacuate all Japanese citizens still living on the island.
Japan recalled its Ambassador to china to express its continued displeasure with the way things were going. The Imperial Navy made its presence known but Japan was always careful to make sure that things did not go to far as to possibly trigger hostilities.
Japan's relationship with the Republic of China continued to be cold. Trade between both nations had fallen by 90%. Both the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States attempted to improve relations between the two but the only easing was in military tensions.
China and Japan's Foreign Ministers met in Hong Kong. The meeting lasted 5 days before both left to return to their respective countries. A further meeting was to be held in Hanoi in 4 weeks. Progress had been made and there was belief that an agreement could be reached.
With encouragement from the Hawaiians,British and Americans the governments of China and Japan were finally able to resolve their differences. Japan sent its Ambassador back to China. The Chinese government reimbursed a number of Japanese businesses that had been damaged in the anti -Japanese riots. Only a small fraction of the Japanese companies that had plants in China reopened.
Japanese companies had been drawn to Vietnam, which was offeering many opotunties and tax advantages. The Vietnamese government was attempting to build up an industrial base so as to be better able to stand up to China.