Peshawar Lancers Redux: Asia

Chinese troops in biological warfare outfits sealed off two provinces under orders from the government. Testing for the virus had begun and only military and medical personal were allowed into the sealed off zone. All roads and rail transportation were cut. Only food, Medicine . and heating supplies were allowed in. The air force was ordered to shoot down any unauthorized flights ou of or into the infected zones.
Russia reported 4 new cases in Siberia and Mongolia 12.
The Chinese President was meeting with the Heads of all of the Medical schools to see what might be done to increase the number of trained Medical personnel. He was told that it takes time to train people and cutting too many corners would result in mistakes and deaths. As a stop gap measure they had listen to a proposal to allow highly trained nurses to take on more of the functions of a doctor. This had been presented by the Royal Hawaiian Department of Health.
The Republic of China had finally gained control of the virus and was in better shape. The death toll was high with 500,000 having died as a result of the virus. Evidence now clearly showed that it was a man made virus. The President was still pushing for the addition of massive additional medical personnel and the construction of many more hospitals.
Four Japanese citizens were selected to travel to the moon and stay there for four months to conduct some test. The Terran Space Authority was in conjunction with NASA taking applications from around the world to fill 125 positions at the Kennedy Lunar Base for the next year.
The Republic of China and the Republic of Vietnam had an ongoing border dispute that in addition to the land border also involved claims regaing the South China Sea. The failure to resolve the issue was resulting in an escalation of violence. . There had now been several armed clashes at sea resultin in 2 vietnamese fishing vessels being sunk. Vietnam was turning to Hawaii, France and Japan for assistance.
The Vietnamese had brought the issue up to the Commonwealth of Nations but had received very lukewarm support from France. In fact France had a big arms sale to the Chinese Government. So Japan supported Vietnam in this diplomatic move. Hawaii was trying to stop the conflict from growing and finally President Longstreet weighed in on the issue.
Two Japanese companies were working on contracts with American Companies to develop a new light weight space communication system.
Japan was pressing the Hawaiians and the Americans to sell them more advanced aircraft for their carriers as they did not trust the Russians and had doubts about the Chinese.
Japan was pleased that the Hawaiians were backing their request to the Americans to buy the Super Hornet for their carriers.
The Anglo-Indian Party with support from Independent party snet shock waves through India when it toppled the Congress Party from Power. It marked a major shift in foreign and domestic Policy. The party moved to restore close relations with Great Britain.
India and China had a major difference of opinion over Tibet. India supported an independent Tibet and had continued the British Policy of equiping and training the Tibetan Military to ensure the existance of a buffer state on the border. China considered Tibet to be part of Greater China.
The Japanese were now looking at Japan's response to The Fall and the choices that were made to save the Japanese Nation.
A careful look at the documents in the achieves indicated that the Empire of the Rising Sun sought land and resources to insure the survival of the Japanese people. Japan had started along the road of westernization when The Fall had changed things. Japanese forces moved against China seeking to gain Formosa and Hainan Islands and control of the Chinese mainland. The Chinese Imperial Government attempted to meet the threat but seemed incapable as a result of the Taiping Rebelleion which had created chaos.
The European Powers, who might have intervened were too busy dealing with the tradegy that had effected Europe and the need to relocate the population meant that there was no time and nothing to spare for elsewhere.
Japanese efforts now included those that were exactly what Hawaii and its allies were trying to prevent. Theft of resources that belonged to them.
Indications were that after a careful check of the records that there were several clashes between forces of the Empire of the Rising Sun and those of Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. There had also beeen clashes with the Spanish forces in the Philippines. The fact that the Hawaiians, Australians and New Zealander responded with force caused the Imperial Government to back off. Hawaii supplied The Spanish Colonial forces with some old Naval vessels to deal with the pirate threat.