One of the Beautiful People

That's the one I thought you'd feel that way about.

But it's also touching that Paul would go to Sunapee and honor proto-Aerosmith and touching that his friends would have songs for Rich. But yeah, I was touched by John too. It's been a long time coming, but I kept moving the story to there until we got here.
That's the one I thought you'd feel that way about.

But it's also touching that Paul would go to Sunapee and honor proto-Aerosmith and touching that his friends would have songs for Rich. But yeah, I was touched by John too. It's been a long time coming, but I kept moving the story to there until we got here.
Like I said they were all very good updates but seeing John's soft side was a nice change of paste.
Three Days of Love, Peace, & Music
Three Days of Love, Peace, & Music

In the Catskill Mountains of New York State, in the western part that is more gentle rolling hills, green pastures, and quiet lakes than rugged peaks, lies the town of Woodstock. It had for years been a get away for artists, bohemians, and musicians. When Artie Kornfeld and Michael Lang, wanted to build a 'studio in the woods' in Woodstock, they turned to New York City promoters Joel Rosenman and John Roberts, who'd financed Media Sound, a large Manhattan studio. The promoters weren't excited about the idea, not really buying into the idea that enough musical artist frequented the place to make a studio work. They countered with the idea of a musical festival first to test the waters.

By the time a place was secured, it was far from Woodstock itself, but on a farm owned by Max Yasgur outside Bethel, NY. But the name stuck. Somehow Artie and Michael drew some of the biggest names to participate and that turned it into a bandwagon. The three days were Friday the 15th, Saturday the 16th, and Sunday the 17th. But things ran so long it ran into the daylight morning hours of Monday the 18th. Kids from all over the country, not just the region, made their way to Woodstock. Some hitch hiked, soon to be picked up by other kids heading there, recognizing they were of the same 'tribe' by dress, attitude, and demeanor. The 'tribe' was Hippies.

Kids who didn't have tickets arrived and it was sold out. So they went around to the back of the site and climbed the fence. Soon the fence was knocked down. Rosenman and Roberts didn't like that. They were interested in a return on their investment. But Michael and Artie were into the scene. Michael thought it was cool, it was a happening, an event beyond their control. He gave orders to not put the fences back up. By the time the first act opened on Friday night there were 400,000 Hippies gathered in the farm. When it rained the huddled together and danced in it. When some were hungry others fed them. The police there to keep order turned a blind eye on the rampant drug use, mainly Marijuana and LSD.

In the early hours of Saturday morning across the nation a week before, still prime time Friday in New York State, a small band of phony Hippies- they had the drugs and sex and rock and roll with long hair, granny dresses, and beards, but none of the love and peace- attempted to kill to start a racist end of the world war. They'd affect the consciousness of the nation to declare the Summer of Love was dead. But at the exact same moment but a week later folkie Tim Hardin was on stage at Yasgur's farm singing "If I had a Hammer" and 400,000 hippies filled with nothing but love, peace, and music (well, and a lot of wine, weed, and acid too) sang along. The nation noticed, but still declared the Summer of Love was done.

Different acts had different ways of relating to the festival. Some came in from wherever they were before just before their performance and then left. Others arrived the day of and were in the crowd the whole time. One, John Sebastian of the Loving Spoonful, wasn't even scheduled to perform. When on Saturday an act was delayed in setting up, having seen him, Michael called him up. He played several songs spontaneously with just a borrowed acoustic guitar and wowed everyone with his "Darling Be Home Soon."

Other acts had staging areas nearby. Joe Cocker and the Grease Band, with Dutch Egmond, chose Poughkeepsie, an hour and a half away from Yasgur's farm. They were scheduled for Sunday at 2 pm. Before he canceled, John Lennon and Dirty Truth, were going to stage themselves in New York City and arrive just in time for their scheduled performance at 7:00 pm. Instead John arrived much earlier. It was a two and a half hour trip from the island of Manhattan and normally John was a late riser. But after a week in bed he and Yoko were anxious to get up earlier and be on their way. They were on the road before 8 and arrived at the farm at 10:30. When the security saw it was John Lennon and Yoko One in the limousine with a little girl, they waved them in to go behind the stage.

"Naw, we want to sit with the crowd, you know. Today we're just fans."

John may have thought they were just fans, but the fans didn't. The front of the audience was claimed, had been for days. But people moved back to give them a place at the front. It had rained the night before, so Yoko had brought a big plastic table cloth for a banquet table and then several blankets to put over it. (She also brought umbrellas, which were needed as it did rain again.) Soon John and Yoko were happily visiting with the Hippies around them. One of them handed him a guitar and he refused, "I'd rather listen to you, friend."

Kyoko found other children to play with. There were a lot there. When someone passed a joint around, John said, "I don't mind if I do."

"I heard you were a born again Christian now?" A girl asked.

"I'm a born again me." He took a big draw and passed it on.

"So, you're not a Jesus Freak?"

"I'm a Justa Freak."

John had asked to be told when George and his party arrived with Joe and the Grease Band. Lang himself came to tell him. As they walked to the back of the stage, he said quietly, "Man, this is wild. I didn't know that he was with the Grease Band. So we get one of you here after all."

Lang's biggest disappointment was when Lennon had cancelled. But he knew he still had the Who, the Airplane, and Hendrix, who was scheduled to close the event. (He had no idea it would be so late when that happened.)

"I think you got all of us. But only Dutch and Rich are going to be up there. Paulie and me, we're just his two biggest fans today."

"Heavy, man, just to watch him play guitar in the back."

"You don't know? He's going to finish the set."

Lang's eyes got enormous. "No, I didn't."

The private area behind and below the stage included a large tent, plenty of food and drink, and several forklifts and cranes. The stage was up high and it was easier to get equipment up there that way. Lang had gotten the notice that the Cocker entourage was entering by his walkie talkie and he and John were standing there waiting as they drove up in a fleet of two limousines, a bus, and a U-Haul.

George was in one of the limousine with Pattie and the Starkeys. He saw John standing there in his white suit, his auburn long hair blowing in the gentle wind, the sun shining off his glasses. "It's John."

"It's his surprise," Rich said. "He came from New York City to listen to you. Just like Paul and me."

The limo pulled up to the tent and John sprinted, with a kick and a jig, to it and opened the door. "Mr. Harry Son, we have a green room waiting for you. The tea is hot and the biscuits are sweet and the girls are fresh. Not as pretty as these two lovelies." He bowed to Pattie and Maureen.

"Come here, you old wanker." George said and grabbed him and hugged him. They were still hugging when Paul walked up. The other limousine was right behind and he, Maggie and Jackie, and Joe and his girlfriend, were in it.

"All Together Now!" He said.

"One Two Three Four, can I have a little more?" Rich sang.

"Yes!" John pulled away and gave Rich and then Paul a hug.

"That's what a little help from my friends means," Joe said to his girlfriend.

That was the last song of Joe's set that day, eleven songs.

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The Act You've Known For All These Years
The Act You've Known For All These Years

(OOC: In our last update we ended with the OTL video of Joe Cocker doing "With a Little Help From My Friends" to finish up his Woodstock set. In TTL the ending isn't what happened. The following is how it ended /OOC)

At the end of his final song, Joe took a little bow and said, "The Grease Band and Myself. Thank you all for listening. I'll see you again. But the Grease Band is staying. In the back is Dutch Egmond. It's time he came out."

Joe walked away, grabbing a cup of water before he was even off stage. Dutch made his way through the members and got to the microphone. "I don't think I need this anymore." He took off his hat and threw it off the front of the stage. "Or these." He took off the sunglasses, folded them, and handed them to a roadie.

While he was doing that, Bruce had gotten up and Ringo had taken his place.

George went on. "Looks like it's clouding over, I don't need the sunglasses. Not to stop the glare. Not to let me self play anonymously with the band. Thank you, Joe."

By then the audience had figured it out and the screaming had started.

"Now, now. None of that Wah-Wah. Okay?"

The screaming died down a bit.

"I am glad my friend, Ringo, is here. I got some songs for you."

George had 9 songs planned. The first 8 were his. He'd insisted that Rich step up and sing too. Bruce was to come back on to finish the set and Rich as Ringo would sing his song. The tunes in order were:
  1. Taxman
  2. Big Star
  3. Isn't It A Pity
  4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  5. We're Together
  6. The Love You Laid Out
  7. What I Feel
  8. Let Me Play It
  9. Octopus's Garden
After "We're Together" he turned to the band. "We're going to change things up. Ringo, you come up here now."

"You got three more before me." Most of the audience couldn't' hear Rich. George just waved him up. He did what he was asked. Bruce went back to the set, adjusting it back for him slightly.

Ringo took the mic out of the stand. "You're getting two former Beatles today for the price of one. I hope you like this."

They started playing "Octopus's Garden." George had already asked John and Paul to come up during the song. The crowd went crazy when they saw them walk out, go to the mics that the band sang back up vocals at, and started making bubbling sounds.

When the song was over, Ringo put the mic back in the stand and went back to hug Paul and John.

George turned to the rest of the Grease Band. "Thank you." They knew he meant for them to leave.

"We need an acoustic guitar. I mean if Sebastian can do it, why can't Lennon and McCartney?"

The crowd started clapping and yelling. John shook his head no. "This is your day, George, not ours."

"Right." Paul said.

"If it's my day, I should get what I want. I want this. They want this!"

John took the guitar. Paul, Ringo, and George went to the side of the stage. "Looks like it's four for the price of one."

Then he did "Sensitive Guy" just him and the guitar.

When he was done Paul walked up, John handed him the guitar, bowed, then walked to the side and joined George.

Paul did "Yesterday."

George walked back to the microphone as a roadie took the guitar. "Thank you Everybody!"

There was no way Michael Lang was going to let this moment pass and not take advantage of it. He ran out to the microphone. "I think everybody wants to hear all four of you do some songs."

They'd heard screaming of thousands of fans. But never 400,000 yelling their heads off. "I don't think the festival can go on if you don't do at least one song together."

"We haven't practiced anything." George said.

"I don't think they care." Lang said.

John came to the mic, "It'll sound like crap.

"Like I said, I don't think they care. We want a song."

The crowd began chanting A SONG. A SONG. A SONG.

Paul and the others were huddled. "Look, we did 'Twist and Shout' so many times and we hadn't practiced it when we recorded it. I think we can do it."

John shook his head, "You really want this George? If you want it."

"I want it. I'm ready for it. But I want you to help me record my new song."

"I was going to ask you the same thing." John said. "Okay." He turned to Lang. We need instruments.

Roadies brought John an electric guitar and Paul a bass. They moved the back up mics forward so the three men, John, Paul, and George were lined up like they used to be.

Lang shouted into the mic. "Ladies and Gentlemen. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Can I say it? The Act you've known for all these years!"

Another busy day and I'm tired, but I'll start on the next update and see how much I can do. I may end up with a "-more to be done-" and leave the rest to tomorrow.

edit: got energized and did what I needed.
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Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr
Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr

John, Yoko, and Kyoko returned home to London after Woodstock. The flat was getting cramped now that Kyoko and Julian were older. They'd never had separate bedrooms for them and Julian shared a room with Kyoko when he visited. John could afford something much nicer with property and lots of rooms. So the next few weeks were about finding a place. He found a perfect mansion, an old Georgian mansion, near Ascot, called Tittenhurst Park. Over the next few months he and Yoko would devote themselves to furnishing it with nice things, including a large white grand piano. As for the kids to play, there were 72 acres of land. John said to Paul the first time he visited, "Basically I bought me own Strawberry Fields so Julian and Kyoko don't have to climb fences to play here."

Paul said, "That gate did remind me of it."

John did something really strange. He suggested to Cynthia that she move in. "It's so big, Cynth, it's like an apartment complex. We'll get you your own suite, it won't be like you're living with me, even though you're living in the same house. That way Julian will have his mom and dad at the same time."

Cynthia declined but agreed that she might visit for extended times during holidays with Julian. John went ahead and set up the suite for her or any other guest. Julian had his own room for when he came and Kyoko had her own room. Then came the good news. They immediately set up another room as a nursery. This time Yoko did not miscarry and Merton Lennon was born the next May.

Delaney and Bonnie wanted George to tour with them, now with them as his opening act. He declined. He'd been on the road enough. He and Pattie also were ready for something bigger and he found it in Friar Park in Henley-On-The-Thames, a Neo-Gothic house with lots of room for him to garden. But it was in bad shape as it had set empty for decades. The rest of 1969 was restoring and upgrading for a final move in date in January.

Rich and Maureen also returned home with the boys and they also had good news. Maureen was also pregnant. No new homes for the Starkeys. Rich was busy with drama school in the fall and doing the occasional guest role in a serious television drama. Their daughter Leigh Starkey was born in June of 1970.

The McCartneys continued their North American tour, but limited to only the northeast of the United States and the southeast of Canada. He had made arrangements for a short end of summer tour with plans to do the rest of the two nations the following spring. By the middle of September they too had returned home, only after a few days to hear from Peter Brown.

"John asked me to get you all together. He has a proposal. He was very specific I use that term."

On Saturday, September 20th, the four men and their wives, all met in Peter Brown's office at Apple Corps with Peter. After a bit of a visit, sharing the good news of new homes, pregnancies, and catching up with the McCartneys whom the rest hadn't seen since Woodstock, John said, "Well, I guess you are wondering, right?"

The others went silent. John took a big breath in.

"I want us to be the Beatles again."

-cut to black-​
Yay! :cool:
Hope George and the others feel the same.
Be funny if Ringo is the only one to decline to further his acting career.
Caller to a college radio show in early December.

"Man, it's all there. The last clue is that the title of George's song, 'They'll Come a Time' covers Paul's arm, his left arm and he's left handed and the left side is where you feel heart attacks and that song talks about 'The Art of Dying.' Paul is really dead. That's why he's the only one on the back cover with part of his body covered by the words. Also he's in white. White is the color of death, skeletons are white, ghosts are white. Paul is white; he's dead."
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CBS News Report

Transcript from the CBS Evening News on Monday, November 24, 1969:

"Good Evening. This is Monday, November 24th and I am Walter Cronkite.

"Today news has come from Apple Corps in London, England that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr have reformed the Beatles. A new album, called The Beatles, a title they never used for an album, is scheduled to be released this Friday, the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

"The Beatles formed in Liverpool, England in the late 1950s when the member were school boys in a skiffle group called the Quarrymen. It began as John Lennon and his schoolmates. Paul McCartney was added and then his friend George Harrison. In the early part of this decade they performed in clubs in Hamburg, Germany and in 1962 the last member of the band, Ringo Starr was added. They began recording that same year and by the following summer a hysteria among young people had spread across the United Kingdom that came to be called 'Beatlemania.' In late 1963 this correspondent reported on the phenomenon on this news report.

"The Beatles took America by storm in the 1964, leading a wave of other British rock and roll acts that was referred to as the British Invasion. The 'fab four' were not only known for their music, but for their 'mod' style and 'mop top' haircuts. They then transformed themselves into a psychedelic powerhouse with their ground breaking album, 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.' On the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, they decided to go their separate ways as solo artists.

"Since then their music has continued to receive adulation and success. A surprise performance by the four at the rock and roll festival in Woodstock, New York, last summer in August, has fueled hope among their fans that they would reunite.

"Today that hope has been fulfilled. With more on this story is Bob Schieffer."

Bob Schieffer.jpg

"This is Bob Schieffer. I am at Sears Robuck just outside Washington, D.C. in Maryland in their records section. Let's talk to some of the young people here buying records to get their reaction. Excuse, me. Have you heard the news about the Beatles?"

Young Girl: "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I can't believe it. I am not going to be able to wait. I'm going to go crazy. We're, my friends and I, we're going to camp out here on Thanksgiving night so we're first in line when the store opens and we can buy it."

"And you?"

College Age Man: This is heavy. Everything changes. Woodstock into our living rooms! The revolution is coming and we're going to get together right now just like John says."

"Is there anyone here not excited?"

Chorus of yells and screams.

"There you have it, Walter. The youth are excited and thrilled."

"Thank, you, Bob. Now on to the other news. Today in Vietnam...."