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  • The In Crowd: I know my character won't be empowered till the next IC day. Do I wait till then to post the intro?
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  • I hope you don't mind how I made my character the Human bad guy already in Them, I've always wanted to be a bad guy in something, and every story needs a good villain.
    Asharella 1
    The idea of the game actually is much more about the humans interacting with each other than with Them... so it's great you're doing this! Let's just hope we get enough interested in it for it to work.
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    I hope so too, this seems like such a cool idea for a RP, I want my first RP to go according to your plans.
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  • Hi. Just thought I'd leave this here to apologize for the long absence. My PC is having some serious troubles and I simply don't have the time or the inspiration for the game anymore. I'd like to drop out, if it's all the same to you. Sorry for holding everyone back. :(
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    I'm sorry If it feels like I've let you all down. You have a great game going on, but due to the time I've lost track of due to personal reasons and the constant stress of the fear of my hard disk possibly failing at any moment, plus, if it does fail, I won't be able to go online for weeks due to the lockdown in the UK, I just can't mentally keep up. :(
    Igeo654 1
    (To clarify: I got an error message back in late February and it's been fine for over a month, but every time I have to turn off the PC when the net goes out for me I have to press F1 to boot the desktop, so IDK but I'm scared to death of being in the dark for months on end.)
    Don't worry about it. We'll miss you, but we understand.
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