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  1. GustavusAdolphus1 Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2017
    Wake me up when y’all have done a Kentucky wank, aka the only state that truly deserves to be wanked.
  2. Arkocento Sings the USSR anthem in the US navy

    May 1, 2011
    Careful, those be fighting words.
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  3. TrucKola Raccoon Emperor of Gaulish Brennusia

    Apr 30, 2017
    Some shack in the Rocky Mountains
    A small sneak peek into my other TL "Gaulish Brennusia" will be the island of Kalifensland, a Norse colony that was a result of Norse explorers coming across the land while they were circumnavigating the great continent of Brennusia. The island is occupied by a single sovereign nation of the same name.
  4. DracoLazarus Ouroborus Cataphractus

    Apr 1, 2015
    Isola Electris, Empire of the Sky Isles
    Finalised the Middle East.
    As to the province in the Southern Levant, I decided to use the name of Judaea, to avoid making any modern political statement.
    Ancient era, though...
    Romani ite domum ! :p
  5. PatrickMtz Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2016
    Ukraine_Dniepr_Iron_Curtain.png A scenario where Russia invades all of Ukraine east of the Dnieper.
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  6. Christory Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2018
    Sounds like a dystopian fanfiction...

    written in the What Madness is This timeline.
  7. Clandango Disestablishmentarianist

    Jun 15, 2012
    The Back of the Car
    @Reagent, one other thing for our map on page 430. What is with the naming of Swabian Turkey and what is done there? And do the SS, or at least the Germans in general, have full rights tot he Danube and any other rivers connecting the two SS states?
  8. B_Munro Member

    May 28, 2004
    Kentucky wanks are a mere subset of Virginia-wanks. :evilsmile:
  9. wildviper121 Bartlet for America!

    Jan 27, 2014
    Mega Kentucky.png
    YEAR: 1914

    1. Kansas. Once a wild territory of violent radicals, it has since been pacified. Towns have sprung up along its western-stretching railroads.
    2. Missouri has developed into the second wealthiest state in the Union and may soon overtake Kentucky.
    3. Northern Mississippi has long been a refuge of slaves escaping the Confederacy. While early CUA policy was to return escapees back along the Mississippi, this changed as the CUA began to outlaw the institution.
    4. Kentucky, enlarged by war victories, is the beating heart of the continent. Railroads tie the state together with all Americans, bringing great prosperity. It is also the cultural and political capital of the Central States, with most CUA authors residing in Louisville and most CUA presidents first serving as Governor of Kentucky.
    5. Tennessee, the most conservative state in the Constitutional Union, has long been antagonistic of racial progress. Luckily for Tennessee, the rest of the CUA isn't that progressive either, enforcing segregation and white supremacy through discriminatory policing and education. The CUA is not as bad as the Confederacy though, some argue.
    6. West Virginia saw its northern panhandle seized by the Union in a territorial dispute. Its coal mines have brought it great prosperity (and lots of health issues).
    7. Blue Ridge was seized by conquest. Most of its territory is forest and mountains besides the city of Lynchburg.
    8. Jackson is most of old North Carolina and is more developed that its northernmore counterpart.
    9. Maryland is more independent-minded and believes it can secede whenever it wants. Washington D.C. is preserved as a pointless federal territory, but talks have begun to turn it over to Maryland. The old White House has fallen into disrepair, of course; nobody lives there anymore.
    10. Philadelphia is the new capital of the United States. The US continues to prosper due to industrialization and strong trade relationships. It has also occupied most of the West. With a strengthening economy comes a strengthening military, and the Central States stand in the way of a reunified America. The North is relatively progressive compared to its southern neighbors, but not much more progressive than OTL thanks to rising authoritarianism and blaming African Americans for the Civil War.
    11. The Confederacy is suffering. States vie for independence against a weak Atlanta government. Rebel bands roam the countryside, hunting escaped slaves, fighting against government authorities, and launching raids into the CUA.
    12. Texas, which ditched the sinking boat of the CSA as soon as it could, has centralized under an authoritarian government that seeks expansion. Raids across the Mexican border threaten to escalate to war, which Houston is looking forward to....

    As the United States stood on the brink of collapse in the months leading up to the 1860 Election, nationally renowned politician John J. Crittenden, presidential candidate of the Constitutional Unionist Party, begged the regional parties of North and South to surrender their radical ambitions and invest again in the patriotic ideals of moderation, compromise, and rule of law. While the Central States voted wisely for Crittenden and for Union, the North and South voted regionalism. Andrew Seward, the abolitionist Northern candidate, secured a small majority of Electoral Votes and therefore the Presidency. By the time he was sworn into office, most of the Southern States had seceded from the Union, forming their Confederacy. Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee declared neutrality in the coming conflict, and together politicians from those three states signed a mutual defense agreement: whichever side, North or South, violated the territorial integrity of those three states would suffer the animosity of all three. West Virginia soon counter-seceded from Virginia, joining the KT-MO-TN Union instead of the North. With a great wall splitting North and South, the armies of Seward and Davis were forced to duel in the forests along the narrow border of Maryland (which was seized by a pro-Union coup) and Virginia. Pressured to finish the war before the 1864 Presidential Election, Seward turned Northern forces on the neutral Central States, marching toward Louisville. The Kentucky State Guard, inflated by fresh conscripts, successfully delayed the siege of Louisville until Southern reinforcements arrived, expelling the North from Kentucky. United against the North, the Central and Southern States marched into Ohio and Indiana and successfully seized Washington D.C., soon afterward liberating Maryland. Seward was ousted from power by a coalition of pacifists, who surrendered the the occupied territory in the West to the Central States. Maryland was granted independence as a buffer state between North and South, but soon began to gravitate to the Central States.
    In the brief peace after 1864, the Central States re-ratified the Constitution with added amendments preserving the institution of slavery from interference from the new interstate government, now established in Louisville, Kentucky. A Central President was elected: general Francis Preston Blair Jr., who'd expelled the North. The South, meanwhile, struggled against a large slavery insurrection, withdrawing many soldiers from the Central States. The North abolished slavery and suffered internal conflict between warhawk and pacifist factions over the issue of Maryland and chaotic Kansas.
    In 1870, determined to achieve a victory to raise domestic support, Confederate President Jefferson Davis launched an invasion of neutral Maryland. Davis underestimated the unity of the Central States and expected Tennessee and Virginia to back Confederate aims; instead, the Central States declared war on the South to defend Maryland, overrunning weakened Southern defenses and seizing key forts along the Mississippi. Northern volunteer armies assisted with the Constitutional Union war effort, hoping to defeat the treacherous South. The ongoing slave insurrection also sapped Confederate war effort. The Western Theater also brought the Constitutional Union victory, resulting in the occupation of most of the Carolinas and Virginia. The South, shattered by the unexpected defeat, negotiated a surrender of half of the occupied territory.
    In 1874, Kansas (in the midst of a violent revolution) was sold from the North to the Central States in exchange for recognition of the North's control of a rebellious Delaware.
    14 years after its foundation, the Constitutional Union controlled the central swathe of what used to be the United States, stretching from the Rocky Mountains in western Kentucky to the Pacific Ocean. While violence had defined this first phase of its existence, the next forty years would be one of economic profit, increasing trade relations, and industrialization. Rail-roads will criss-cross through its states, tying the continent together. While the South suffered slavery revolts because of its refusal to dismantle the institution of slavery, Tennessee outlawed slavery in 1887, the final Constitutional Union state to do so. By 1914, the Constitutional Union of America has friendly relations with most of the world, and is relatively wealthy. [told by the POV of a pro-CUAer circa 1914]
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  10. Vuu Resident Serb expert Banned

    May 11, 2018
    these are supposed to be provinces of a global Rome or sumn?
  11. Vuu Resident Serb expert Banned

    May 11, 2018
    You never ate horse meat?

    It's quite good, except there are for some reasons parts of the meat that taste terrible
  12. AlternateHistory191 General Secretary of the Proxima Centauri b SSR

    Sep 9, 2017
    A timeline where Bernie Sanders won
    Von Mississippi bis an den Atlantik,
    Von dem Ohio bis an die Karibik,
    Kentucky, Kentucky über alles,
    Über alles in der Welt!
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  13. Brandon Sniadajewski Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2018
    Plover, Wisconsin, United States
    As a Wisconsinite, I like this VERY much!
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  14. Deblano Bill Weld 2020 (For real now)

    Jul 21, 2013
    Fairfax County, Virginia
    I'm guessing Kiev has been divided into two like Berlin was in the Cold War?
  15. Clandango Disestablishmentarianist

    Jun 15, 2012
    The Back of the Car
    Though of course in that case it it was multiple sides occupying a city surrounded by one occupation zone, rather than one country invading another. Actually reminds me of a lovely map or timeline on here, where Hungary was divided along the Danube and had Buda and Pest once more separated.
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  16. Tethys00 Mod of r/imaginarymaps Donor

    Apr 24, 2018
    Great Salt Lake City, The Republic of Deseret
    If you don't stop you will force me to make a really low-quality and overdone Utah wank.
  17. Clandango Disestablishmentarianist

    Jun 15, 2012
    The Back of the Car
    Those are easy to make. Simply post a map of Utah and then say that all federal lands not owned by the Department of Defense or areas that are used as Indian Reservatiins go to the state government of Utah. They will promptly be sold to the highest bidder or to whoever has corrupt enough connections. That is how when the Navy or Army gave back a huge area to the City of San Diego it was given to developers who build hundreds of condos but, oops, no profits it share with the city. Though council members got free houses. I suppose we could also consider making the Great Sslt Lake freshwater.
  18. Reagent Cartography's Reactionary

    May 26, 2013
    Lourenço Marques, República de Sofala
    Swabian Turkey comes from:

    Not sure about the Danube, considering the legal status of the river during WWII was quite chaotic. Germany is certainly seeking those rights from Yugoslavia. In any case they have an overland connection through the protectorate of Hungary, which is about as independent as Bohemia and Moravia was.

    I suspect if anything like the Yugoslav coup d'état occurs, the Nazis will still invade, and all Yugoslavian territory north of the Danube and Drava will be annexed (which will connect the two SS states - possibly allowing them to unite into the "SS State of the Danube" or "SS State of Prinz Eugen Land")
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  19. SnivyLink *insert witty comment here*

    Apr 20, 2019
    The best one is greater Indiana
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  20. Bookmark1995 Bookmark95 Reborn!

    Dec 26, 2016
    The guy who wrote it, William Luther Pierce, was that rare individual who turned white supremacy into a profitable franchise, despite the fact that he was putting his psychotic worldview on paper for anyone to read.
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