Not everyone is happy to have superheroes, esp American superheroes fighting in their Cities.


People paying their respects at the Memorial to the victims in Sokovia.


The new Captain America divided opinion, but since Falcon was a founding Avenger many see him as Steve Rogers legitimate replacement.
Watched the latest Dr. Strange film recently. After learning that, as of Phase 4, Dr. Stephen Strange’s identity and magic powers are known to the general public I was inspired to make this post:

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Members of the Catholic “Tradition, Family, Property” advocacy group picketing at Harvard Medical School. The university’s decision to host Dr. Stephen Strange & the “Science, Alternative Medicine & Mystic Arts” seminar drew ire from a wide variety of religious and anti-occult groups:


Pamphlets produced by the N.Y.C. chapter of the New Salem Society. The anti-occult organization, formed after existence of witchcraft & sorcery became known to the general public, believes that Wanda Maximoff, Dr. Strange & all other ‘magic-users’ are in league with malevolent demonic forces working against the common good of humanity. Public interest in the New Salem Society peaked following the “Westview Incident”:



New Salem and other assorted protesters gathered outside the New York Sanctum Sanctorum:

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I could see this after the events of Wandavison is made public more than Dr. Stranges existence
Especially if everyone in Westveiw start taking The Avengers to court for psychological damages

Briton’s Longbowmen battling Wakandan Dora Milaje as seen in Microsoft’s hit RTS game Age of Empires II. Introduced in The African Kingdoms expansion pack, Wakandans are an infantry-focused civ with strong defences bonuses but poor siege units and a weak economy (in-game representation of their long isolationist tradition and an extreme reliance on a single rare resource). Their unique units include the Dora Milaje (seen above) and the War Rhino (a cheaper yet less cost-efficient counterpart to the Battle Elephant available to other civs) while the Panther Statue of Mt. Bashenga serves as their civilization’s Wonder.