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If the Hulk movies are anything to go by, you at least need that imperfect Super Solider serum they were testing in your blood to turn monsterous, seeing as how Banner, Emil Blonsky/The Abomination, and Samuel Sterns/The Leader all only developed their powers when exposed to the stuff.

Not saying it’s impossible for superpowers to be tied to radiation, it just seems like the MCU is leaning more into failed Super Solider experiments as the source of people powers
Well, even with that knowledge plenty of people would be terrified of infinity fueled powers, because guess what. The twins exist, and the radiation itself is very dangerous.

A partnership between Stark Industries and Tesla, Inc. is announced in 2011, with the express interest of creating the world's first commercial electric jet.



With the inclusion of the ARC Reactor and Repulsor technologies, the project is able to be completed ahead of projected schedules, with the first successful prototype tested in 2013 and the first commercial models available in 2015.


The success of the joint-project leads to the creation of a cargo variant, and made available to the American government and its allies in the following year.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor, one of Project PEGASUS’s most prized assets in transit to LAX several months after the Battle of New York. There the Endeavor would go on a test flight demonstrating it’s experimental propulsion systems as a show of strength to a general public worried about further alien incursions. The reception was mixed due to support for the Avengers and the belief they could solve any crisis being at all time high. As well as critics noting the stunt displayed how far the government was from actually deploying practical space combat craft.

The ARES missions, initially slated for a 2030 window, is accelerated following the Battle of New York, and with additional funding and resources being provided by Stark Industries its new window is slated to be the early 2020s.

Japanese former Deputy PM and now PM Taro Aso became new prime minister following the Decimation that affected the political realm including prime minister Abe, most of general population, and members of Imperial Family which they were disappeared on the fateful May of 2018.

American pop artist, Taylor Swift faces harsh reality following the start of Decimation where people involved in the music industry were disappeared into ashes which she was forced to release a somber album Folklore that reflects how their lives affected by Thanos actions.

The hit anime based on manga, Attack on Titan which renewed for Season 3 was experiencing problems as most of people involved with the production or casting are affected by Decimation which had forced them to delay to planned premiere of Season 3 until it was stabilized.
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I can't believe Bib is actually adding in SCP lore into the MCU! The UNGOC would actually make sense in the MCU, although maybe the Sokovia Accords have that handled already. As for the SCP-610 image... I have an idea for a renaming of the organization: the Society for Civilian Protection, whose main goals are to Serve the common good, Capture any threats, and Protect the public.